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Are you feeling like the budget you allocate on your blog writing is too much for the results you are seeing? If that is the case, then your posts may lack the aspect that search engines love: high-quality links. But how are you going to get websites to look at your blog and consider it for link building?

Here are 10 awesome tips to start attracting the links you want to your site.


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We take the approach of finding relevant websites and creating a relationship where they promote your website by adding a backlink from them to you.

1. Publish Amazing Content


It’s possible to use your own content – or that of others. You can even use content that we write for you completely hands off. You can ask people to craft a version of their existing content for you into new kinds of content for your website with some small changes. Normally, these are called curated pieces and they can be transformed into things like popular stories this week or the best blogs this year. 

Although you won’t be attracting a lot of editorial links with curated content, they will add value and enhance visibility to your website. Each time an internal link is made in one of your pages, there’s a probability that a user can be driven to that page. 

Besides that, you’re also telling Google that your content is important by linking to it. It informs search engines that it’s an authoritative page and this can improve organic search results. Failing to practice internal link building is like telling them otherwise. 

You may also choose to curate articles that were published on other sites. Not only does this add link value, it also helps create relationships with others. People love having their hard work highlighted – especially if you’re complimenting them for it. 

These same individuals may even be the ones who can help you later on in promoting your content. There’s also a possibility that they may do it on their own networks, which can lead to more people finding your articles.


2. Getting Backlinks via Infographics


A popular approach to bring in traffic to your website and acquire valuable links is by publishing infographics. What makes them ideal is because of how easy they are to consume and share with others. Visual data is truly something that everyone can relate to and that is why the demand to have infographics have grown considerably. 

When creating your own, you need to choose carefully as each one needs to have an interesting yet unique story for your readership. A tip in making your selection is to follow topics that are currently trending and see what readers are searching for. You can then develop your infographic based on statistical data. 

When your infographic is done, you will have to make it readily shareable with others. One way of doing this is through an embed code generator. Once that’s accomplished and your infographic starts to get some shine, you will then have to distribute it to others. There are many directories where you can your infographics submitted like on Redditt and Visual.ly.


B3. Sharing Bold Opinions

You can get some quality links by boldly sharing your opinion via your content. This can be almost anything from valid concerns to arguments regarding commonly accepted wisdom. When you choose to publish this type of content, make sure you’re backing your arguments with supporting evidence and data. 

Although some controversy shouldn’t hurt, it should never be done too much. You also shouldn’t make your rants sound hateful or unfair that will reflect badly on your brand. It’s possible to be critical when giving your outlook without having to resort to personal attacks.


4. Take Part with Feature Blogging


An effective way to reach new audiences is through guest blogging. When you publish your content on the sites of others, you’re exposing your website to new readers. Backlinks aren’t the only advantage with guest posting, you also improve your online reputation or social media followers in this manner. 

Being the featured guest blogger on other websites is a great way to increase your exposure. Guest blogging is also very good for those wanting to maximise online relationships with others while promoting your own message. I will warn you that to get good results you will need to have a decent email outreach campaign getting you noticed by the website owners. If you have doubts regarding guest posting, consider the fact that Google allows guest writers to contribute to their Google Analytics blog every now and then.


5. Start Promoting Your Content

No matter how great the content you put out, you won’t be getting the backlinks you deserve if you aren’t promoting them right. You need to let the world know that you have them even if you have to do email outreach. Luckily there are many tools that can help with this.

One great technique is by contacting blog owners or websites that run regular monthly or weekly roundups. You may use Google to filter for queries like “your keyword + roundup.” When the results show up, make sure you select those from the past week or month. 

You can then contact the webmasters and introduce them to your site. In your message, add a link to a great guide or tutorial that you made. If they find this useful, they may give a link back to your website in their next roundup. These bloggers are always looking for new and unique content, so the chances of them using yours is high here. 

Just like the other techniques, you don’t want to ask your contacts for a link right away as this can come off as rude.


6. Provide Testimonials


Another quick method to earn good backlinks is to provide testimonials for sites that you frequent. You’ll only have to spend a few minutes and you can get a link immediately from the homepage of an authoritative source. So long as you are a customer, they will most likely give you the opportunity to have a link in return for a positive testimonial.


7. Get In Touch with Important Bloggers and Journalists


Besides asking for guest post opportunities and testimonials, another way to spread the word about your site is by reaching out to influencers in your niche. Although it can be hard to find their email addresses, there are many tips to start doing so successfully. 

  • More than 90% of email addresses from websites are formatted in such a way: james@website.com or mjames@website.com. You can try directly sending your pitch to these emails if you like.
  • If the tip above doesn’t work, you can use tools like Thrust.io, Voilanorbert or Emailfinder.io. Just put in the name of the individual you wish to contact and the website they work for.
  • As a final alternative, you can also send your pitch via social media directly to that person you wish to contact.

Make sure that the pitch you send to them is brief and straight to the point. No one likes reading long emails especially those that come from strangers. 


8. Get Into Donating

Yes, you may earn backlinks when you donate to nonprofit organisations. The approach is quite direct. All you need is to find sites within your niche that accept donations and then let the donators get links back to their website. All you have to do is to contact them, give the amount you wish to donate and then provide your website’s URL> 

To find these websites via Google, you will need to input some queries to get good results. These can be: 

Donation + contributors + keyword

Contributors page + donate + keyword

Contributors page + keyword


9. Develop Your Internal Links


Building internal links is a key factor to run a successful blog that will attract outside links. Internal link building brings in “link juice” and you may use anchor texts here. With a good structure in place, you can provide your readers with a better browsing and reading experience when they are at your website. 

Although there are tools that can automate the process of creating internal links, you should do this one manually. Expert webmasters suggest keeping the number of internal links for each page below 100 for both SEO and usability.


10. Take Part in Interviews


The last tip to get backlinks is to have yourself interviewed as this is one of the trendiest things right now. When you turn into an authority in your niche, interview invitations become common. But until then, you may have to make the first step when starting out. What you can do for now is to search for sites that accept interviews and let them know that you’re interested in participating and sharing knowledge.

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