New content is awesome when appropriate, but overloading your website with spam content is not going to help your website naturally rank high in Google’s organic search. Be proactive on your website and refresh old, outdated content; after all your business’ website is your digital shopfront.

Overtime the business message may change, as technology evolves and consumers use it in new exciting ways you must evolve with it. There is content that stands the test of time and there is content that needs to be reviewed just like this article.

Here’s 5 tips to refresh your content to make it look brand new:

Don’t Create a New URL

So you’ve worked hard to get your URL to rank high on Google and you’ve decided that you want to refresh your content. You think it would be best to start fresh on a new URL. WRONG. Your URL is ranking well for a reason. Keep it there, it didn’t do anything wrong it had just reached its online peak. Delete your existing content to write new relevant quality content that will lift your Google SERP presence.

Update Your Keyword Research

As your business grows so does your online presence. Work on a new list of keywords that users could potentially be searching for on Google SERP. Maybe you’ve changed services or are focusing on a few in particular. This is the best time to work on keywords to gain more relevant traffic to your website in order to gain profit.

Optimise Your Call to Action

What are your main goals that you’re trying to achieve through your SEO campaign? If you don’t have solid call to actions on your website to represent and achieve those goals, how are you going to gain profit? When refreshing your content think of ways to promote your call to actions. The key is to create a proactive user through your content by getting your potential customer excited!

Do you still have the same contact details? Do people still walk in to book appointments? Does the employee in the feature banner still work for the business? so many questions and all the more reason to revisit your content and make appeal to today.


Social Media and SEO are best friends; they have a strong relationship and without the other they wouldn’t drive as much traffic to a website single handed. Once the content is more relevant, post it on Facebook, tweet about it, hit current trends and be resourceful with the platforms you’re using! You’ll be surprised how much more user engagement you will get with your website when posting on all online platforms.

Could you improve your organic search results by heavily investing in social media? the answer is yes you can. There is direct correlation between social media signals and organic movement in the SERPs. How can we be so sure? take a look at viral news sites like Buzzfeed when a new story goes viral they shoot up the SERPs for those keywords.

Difference Between Quality… and its time to go…

Ok, not every case is the same. We all know businesses are continually growing, so sometimes content just won’t even be relevant anymore. In this instant… reminisce the old times… then press delete. Refreshing content only works if it is still relevant to the products and services of your website.

Don’t know if your content needs refreshing? Not sure how?

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