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There are so many options to choose from when building your first website. With a heap of platforms promising different things it can be confusing at first. One easy-to-use web design platform stands out above the rest: WordPress. With its user friendly, fully customisable features WordPress is great for beginners and career web developers alike for a few reasons.

WordPress offers unparalleled flexibility for web designers and developers. One of the most popular website content management systems in the market. It is hard to look past WordPress as the preferred choice for web design.


Easy Customisation

For starters you will want to pick your own theme. Customising the theme is easy through the back end customisation tab. You can edit the theme and preview your changes before they go live. There are plenty of extra things you can do through plugins as well; like build forms, streamline SEO, share to social pages, send newsletters and more.


Mobile Optimised

WordPress is fully mobile friendly out of the box. This means you don’t have to spend thousands developing a responsive website. Responsive design allows any user to navigate your website easily because the content and appearance changes based on the screen size and device type they use.


SEO Friendly

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the behind-the-scenes stuff that pushes websites higher in Google rankings. WordPress is designed to solve a lot of SEO issues by default, and there are a range of plugins that make SEO easy for even a novice web developer.


Built In Blogging

WordPress became popular as a blog site and has continued to dominate the blogosphere even though it’s now a full blown website CMS (Content Management System). If blogging is part of your online engagement strategy (and it should be) then WordPress’ built-in blog compatibility is perfect.


User friendly

Setting up a WordPress site is easy once you find the right domain host. In a few clicks you’ll have the basics up and running, then the theme and customisation is up to you. The beauty of WordPress is with its intuitive backend there is no need to read and write code. Of course, if you are more advanced and want to dabble in web development you can go in and fully edit whatever you like.


Extended customer support

WordPress is open source, so most of the extra bits and pieces are contributed by an active user base. With extensive forums and 10 years of bloggers documenting their bug fixes, it’s always easy to find an answer when you’re stuck.

Whether it’s a personal blog or a company website, WordPress is an easy system to get started with web development. As Perth’s WordPress website design specialists Be Media have helped a whole bunch of clients get active online. We also patch up DIY WordPress sites, adding functionality and extra features when our clients want to level up.

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