The Be Media Way

Passion fuels curiosity. Curiosity inspires innovation. And with innovation, you can change the world. We are actively seeking people who want to see a decentralised future.

Web 3.0 makes it possible for all participants to create and own a portion of the digital worlds that form the open metaverse. This means not only benefiting from your creations and property, but also sharing in the network effect of the greater whole, which allows the value of your assets to appreciate when the entire ecosystem grows.

We want to change your world by unlocking your full potential. We believe that if we create a culture where everyone can live up to their full potential, the benefits will reach far beyond our walls.

Be Flex

We reward consistent, quality work with flexible hours and WFH arrangements.

Be Well

Hardworking brains require healthy fuel, which we happily provide. We also balance work with play, encouraging team events, group lunches and Friday drinks.

Be Giving

We give back by pledging 1% of equity, profit, and product. We also volunteer our time to community causes with pro bono projects that allow team members to use their skills for good.

Be Skilful

Learning is woven into the fabric of our daily activity. We support ongoing learning and skill development through technical training, coaching and work experience.

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Be a part of something bigger

Our workforce is made up of a team of truly exceptional people all over the globe. And we’re always open to fresh collaborations with fellow developers, creatives, strategists, and creators!

In a world of high-speed technology, we still believe the fastest connection is a human one. Communication and collaboration aren’t buzzwords to us, they’re the actions that underpin our success. 

One of the fundamental ways in which nations and metaverses serve their citizens is by delivering value to them.

We believe that true digital ownership (virtual property rights) is the foundational block underpinning the entire open metaverse: ownership of digital assets enables control over them, which leads to economic freedom, which unlocks economic opportunities (e.g., profiting from the sale of an asset).

Which brings GameFi opportunities (e.g., play-to-earn), which creates a pathway to a more equitable society. And thats exactly what our people work towards with every deliverable and every task, moving us closer to that goal” – Yat Sui, CEO Animoca Brands

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Blockchain Developers

  • Self-starter and able to work independently.
  • Can work with Flow and Polygon
  • Can proficiently manage the development and delivery of smart contracts.
  • Has worked on Defi, Crypto, Gaming or NFT projects before.
  • Technical background with wallets, file storage, security and processes within a team.
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Web Development

  • Proficient in multiple programming languages.
  • Experience writing front and back-end code to enhance user experiences.
  • Ability to consult with business stakeholders to understand requirements, provide technical advice and solutions.
  • Has worked with or created ecommerce style marketplaces before.
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Project Managers

  • Can demonstrate experience in sales and customer relationship management.
  • Proven ability to take projects from concept to delivered.
  • A keen interest in organisation, processes and meeting deadlines.
  • Highly motivated, organised self-starter with the ability to multi-task under pressure.
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Designers & Creators

  • Can work to briefs and deadlines.
  • Create original concepts and can deliver from start to finish.
  • We seek a mix of wildly creative and conceptual designers.
  • Can work towards project briefed designs, animations, videography and voxel characters.
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