17 May

Be Media Makes Key East Coast Hire Ahead of National Expansion

Be Media is thrilled to welcome Michael Teasdale to the team as their Director of Growth in Sydney, and to lead their national expansion plans. Based in Australia, Be Media is a full-service digital marketing agency with a focus on business growth and client return.

Michael joins Be Media following an incredibly successful sales and business development career in digital within Australia, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. Michael relocated back to Sydney last year after heading up Hong Kong’s premiere digital marketing agency, First Page for 4 years and being pivotal in their market success.

“It was a case of perfect timing; teaming up with Jordan and his team was an easy decision. Their digital maturity, in-house resources, company culture and huge focus on client success was eye opening. We will not be just another digital agency in Sydney, absolutely no chance of that – we are thinking a lot bigger and smarter for this partnership and our east coast expansion.”, said Michael Teasdale regarding his new position.

Michael brings with him over 10 years experience in building high performing teams within the digital marketing space, and teaming up with agencies looking to scale and expand. Michael thrives in a working culture that values personal development and pushing boundaries. This positions him as a highly qualified addition to lead Be Media’s growth plans in becoming Australia’s digital marketing agency of choice.

Be Media established their Sydney office in late 2016 following a growing eastern states client base, thanks to their focus on client success and return.

Speaking of the hire, Chief Executive Officer Jordan Fogarty commented, “We are thrilled to have someone with such a high level of passion, dedication and commitment to generating client success join our expanding national team. Michael’s track record and his fit with our company’s mission leave me with no doubt of the value that we can provide to our growing national client base.”

Be Media is a digital marketing agency committed to client success with a focus on transparent, results driven service. Partnering with small and large businesses to guide them through the ever evolving digital age and delivering meaningful results with a focus on return on investment.

16 May

Rise To The Top With Search Engine Marketing In Perth

Perth is different from other states and countries. Our unique population makeup means that we have to think differently when it comes to Search Engine Marketing.

In this blog we will explore some of these challenges and provide insights into potential solutions you can use to ensure your business makes the most of the local market.

Googles AdWords: The King of Search Engine Marketing

Ninety-four percent of everything Australians search online is done through Google. Because of all this search traffic, Google’s advertising platform, AdWords, remains the king of search engine marketing – think of all those potential customers you could reach!

However, when a digital platform becomes so popular, businesses need to work a bit harder to get a slice of the pie. Let’s face it who wouldn’t want to take out that top ad spot on Google’s results page? This is where you need to get smart about how you use AdWords. No one will click on an ad if it’s not relevant.

Search Engine Marketing In Perth – What’s Unique?

Things in Perth are a little bit different compared to other states and countries.

For starters, the demographic makeup of our suburbs is not always clearly defined. As suburbs have continued to sprawl out, people from all backgrounds have found themselves living next to one another. In Perth, it’s much harder to simply say that suburb X is mostly young couples and suburb Y is mainly retirees.

This needs to be considered when you are targeting your search engine marketing  campaigns. Thankfully Google’s AdWords platform lets you breakdown the nitty gritty.

In Perth we are so spread out and don’t have many people living in a given area, especially as you start to move further from the CBD. This is something else that you need to consider when creating an SEM campaign.

For example, a florist doing business from Busselton will find it difficult to reach a meaningful number of people, compared to someone running the same business from from the CBD. To work around this type of issue, it is worth considering expanding both the geographic and demographic parameters of your target market to reach a greater number of potential customers.

What Can A Digital Marketing Agency Offer

Despite these challenges, it is still possible to have great success with SEM campaigns that deliver a great ROI. The expertise of a dedicated digital marketing agency can be highly valuable to any business, we can help you create engaging, targeted campaigns that take your search engine marketing efforts to the next level.

At Be Media we specialise in Social Media Marketing – contact our team today to find out how we can help you achieve your business goals.

09 May

Social Media Marketing For Millennials

It’s time for you to invest in learning how to communicate with your Millennial market. Closing the communication gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials could lead you to a gold mine of income through social media marketing.

Exploring Millennial Marketing

Yo, what’s up?

It’s about time we hung out and explored how the wide world of social media can connect your business with the Millennial market.  Born between the 1980’s and 2000’s, the Millennials have grown up surrounded by rapidly advancing internet technology.

Why Is The Millennial Market So Important?

Well for starters, Millennials are leaving the nest much later than previous generations. They are also a sizeable generation, consisting 4.2 million Australians and accounting for a combined $530million in disposable income.

This opens up a world of opportunities to engage with a younger target market so they can double-tap, retweet, right-swipe, reblog, check in, like, comment, follow, share, rate, favourite, snap, tag or DM your brand.

So How Are Youths Using Social Media?

In today’s world social media is used for networking, talking, shopping, sharing and much more. Social networks are the centre point of modern life, half of all 18-24 year olds check social media as soon as they get up. More importantly, social media is now the primary news source for 31% of Australian Millennials aged 14-26.

Advertising To Young Adults

All good social media campaigns must be backed up by content that is both intriguing and interesting to your target market, in this case, Millennials. Integral to this idea is the need for the social media content you post to be simple and visually appealing.

Try posting a broad range of content (e.g. articles, videos, competitions, etc.) to attract a diverse range of social media followers.

Converting Millennial Customers

Attracting followers to your brand is only half the battle, you then must convert their attention into meaningful action.

The definition of a ‘conversion’ can differ depending on your advertising goals, however, what doesn’t change is the need for a seamless experience for the customer. For social media marketing, this means ensuring that you have both desktop and mobile versions of your website.

How To Take Your Social Media Marketing To The Next Level

In order to maximise your ROI, you need to find what works best for your brand. You can make the most of your campaign budget by discovering when your target audience is online and what type of content they are looking for.

Also consider researching your competitors to pick up helpful hints as to where you could improve your marketing strategy.

Making Sense Of Social Networks

Social media gives your business unprecedented access to a market that can be difficult to effectively target. Managing your social media presence is all about treading the fine line between providing consistent engaging content and bombarding your followers with seemingly endless, yet boring, posts.

The social networking world can seem complex, fortunately you can choose to enrol in one of the many online courses or you can click your way to engaging the expertise of a local digital marketing agency.

At Be Media we specialise in Social Media Marketing – contact our team today to find out how we can help you achieve your business goals.

01 Mar

SEO & SEM: The Perfect Match

There are a lot of different opinions out there on what marketing strategies a business should invest in, including the classic dilemma of SEO vs. SEM. However, while both of these strategies are quite different from one another, they also have a lot in common. In fact, they’re the perfect match! Consider the following facts for your Sydney or Perth SEO and SEM marketing strategy.

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15 Feb

Instagram Updates

In January 2017, Instagram released three new updates (with a fourth currently in testing) and the result is good news for businesses. If you are not already using Instagram’s features to help grow your business and engage with your target audience, now is the time to start. The following updates have the potential to allow businesses to better engage with their customers, have their content shared by followers and showcase unique moments from their day across multiple platforms.

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24 Jan

Benefits of Using SEM in Your Marketing Strategy

If the leaders in your industry are investing in billboards, television or print – does that mean you should too? Short answer: No. Amongst a number of digital marketing strategies, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) makes it possible to position your ad in Google searches and drive potential customers to your website. SEM opens up opportunities for businesses to take control over who they target, their budget and gives them the ability to view the results in real time. But how does this work in your favour?


The benefit of investing in traditional media forms like billboards and print is that they can reach a large number of people. However, it’s not possible for the advert to be relevant to every person that views it. For example, a newspaper advert for a flower shop would be most relevant to people who:

A) are currently interested in purchasing some flowers and

B) live directly near the store – but what about everyone else that sees it?

It’s irrelevant and it costs money to put your ad in front of people that aren’t interested. This is the benefit of SEM – you can target the people that are searching for what you’ve got on offer.

Cost Effective

Additionally, it’s much more cost effective to target people searching for your product or service, rather than targeting everyone. SEM platforms such as Google AdWords use the Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising model, whereby your business only pays money when someone clicks on your advert. The person clicking on your advert has reached your ad by searching for terms related to your business that have been targeted within the AdWords platform, meaning they’re likely to be a potential customer.

Only paying for people interested in your product or service, rather than people that have no interest? Sounds like an ideal marketing strategy.


It’s not impossible, but it is difficult to measure the success of traditional adverts like those on billboards or television. If visits to your website increased during the time of the campaign – how many of these can you attribute to your advertising? A rough estimate is possible, but it’s not as precise as SEM. How many people viewed your ad? How many people contacted you after seeing your ad? SEM provides all the stats, and can also do so in real time!

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Be Media provide Search Engine Marketing to clients across a broad range of industries. Contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.