With the ease, speed, and access we have with technology – there are businesses out there who unfairly use this to their advantage to push out local competition or steal traffic, leads and ultimately sales.

Google My Business listings are taking off and becoming a popular way for customers to access information and make a purchase decision.

Recently, a hotel affiliate site has been taking over and hijacking local hotel Google My Business listings by replacing the hotels URL to their own links.

How is this being done?

Without ongoing monitoring of your business listing on Google, this can be done very easily. All without you knowing your leads are being siphoned & redirected to a competitor.

All one has to do is “suggest edit” in Google Maps to suggest another URL, and in this case – their own. A few tweaks to any other account details, and voila – the edit is approved.

This is much easier to do with unverified listings, as verified listings get an alert or notification every time an edit is pending, made or changed. 

The verdict

Google My Business is still susceptible to these types of vulnerabilities. Until Google starts to trust and understand businesses VS users – the quicker these weaknesses will be closed.

It is also another reminder as to why businesses must claim and verify their Google My Business listings and monitor them on an ongoing basis. We can help you claim your Google My Business listing. Find out more here. 



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