What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System, or CMS, is a software application that is used to create, edit and manage digital content on a website. Essentially, it gives users the ability to create their own website design without needing the technical coding know-how and understanding of how to build and manage one from scratch.

One important tip we can give you is to plan out your website navigation and have a plan for what you need to have featured first and foremost on your website and then you can dive deeper into smaller pages. When you work with us we develop with you a full wireframe of how your new website design will look and show you the navigation and user flow from page to page.


What is the need for a quality CMS / Website Builder?

Without the use of a Content Management System, many businesses may not in fact even have a current website. This would be largely due to the significant financial costs of having to hire a knowledgeable website developer and content manager to build, run and manage their website. A quality CMS as well is able to drastically reduce time spent working on a website, as it offers many useful additional template designs in order to easily update needed pages.

This makes a quality Content Management System important in order to provide easy to create websites, with some CMS platforms being free of charge, a small monthly fee. Overall Content Manage Systems are able to provide users with a website with; a Professionally Designed site which is User Appealing & informative, and that overall can lead to the conversion of your visitors into leads for your business.


What is Magento?       

Magento, a type of CMS, is an open-source software used for e-commerce platforms, which is currently chosen by 1 of every 4 online businesses running an eCommerce store. It offers advanced marketing tools and search engine optimization to help users control their content and functionality of their eCommerce site for B2B & B2C markets. Although the basic version of Magento is free to use, there are varied software costs dependant on whether you need to upgrade to the ‘Small Business’ or ‘Mid-Market & Enterprise’ service.

What is WordPress?      

WordPress is arguably the most used Blogging & Content Management System in the marketplace, with many users using the CMS software for creating and managing their eCommerce stores. WordPress has an enormous number of users, and a far greater number of user interface options compared to Magento and Shopify. This is because WordPress isn’t just used for eCommerce sites, but can also be used to create any type of website that is desired by its users. WordPress has an ever-growing range of freely available CMS options for its users to constantly modify and update their websites with free Plugins & Templates available for editing all website functions and designs.

What is Shopify?   

Lastly, Shopify! Another eCommerce focused CMS platform used to create eCommerce stores to sell goods online. However, differently to Magento, Shopify is commercially sold, with its software available at a starting monthly price of $29USD per month. As Shopify is a commercial product, they have managed to create a simpler, quicker and more efficient software setup for their users in comparison to some of their similar CMS rivals. Shopify is most commonly used for businesses who specialise in running a ‘Dropshipping’ eCommerce business, as Shopify offer a variety of online resources towards this trending business style.


Shopify Pro’s:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy integration
  • Decent shopping cart builder
  • Some free apps and extensions
  • Built specifically for Ecommerce

Shopify Con’s:

  • Restrictive codebase
  • Apps and enhanced features come at a higher cost than other platforms
  • Restricted with the type of optimisations you can do

Final Word On CMS:

Overall, each platform offers exceptional potential value towards your business, and choosing the most suitable fit for you is dependant upon your business size, your overall requirements that you are seeking to achieve through CMS, and the suitability of a Content Management System towards your business.

Here at Be Media, all three Content Management Systems are offered to our varied clients, for more information into how we can benefit your business and determine the best CMS for you, please get in contact with us via our website.

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