Content Marketing – What is it?

Content marketing has created a cultural shift in traditional advertising. You have probably all heard of the saying ‘Content is king’, this is not always the strategy to believe.

“Content is not king. If I sent you to a desert island and gave you the choice of taking your friends or your movies you’d choose your friends – if you chose the movies we’d call you a sociopath.

Conversation is king. Content is just something we talk about.” – Cory Doctorow

Content is a new paradigm, challenging the way traditional media engages with real people. The challenge for media agencies is to be creative in creating content ideas as an alternative to TVCs, print ads and billboards. We need to forget tradition and start creating consumer experience and engagement though content, data and technology.

How to Entertain Through Content

The technique of content marketing is to distribute relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly understood target audience, with the objective of driving profitable customer actions. Content relies on three main elements; Format, topic and tone.

The format of your content can be anything from blogging, to photos, videos, online quizzes and much more. It is something users can share across their social media platforms to engage with their target audience.

When choosing a topic for your target audience in can include three different types. Before you pick a topic you must examine your marketing place; marketing position, product offering and perception, basically you need to make story through your brand. You need to know your audience’s interests in order to be proactive of the content opportunities you can use when creating your strategy. This can be through three processes of content different content types.

1. Hygiene – This content is the same as ‘evergreen’, it literally can stand the test of time and will always be aligned with your products and messaging. E.g. If you owned Toyota and wrote content on ‘How to wash your car’.

2. Hub Topical – This content is in real time and is entertaining. This means you need to be aware of your target audience, do the marketing research to see what is trending and make sure your target audience can relate to it. This content is more likely shared across loyal user platforms and in the best case scenario, go viral.

3. Hero – Digital marketing should always be aligned with other marketing campaigns. This content topic works best when the client uses campaign alignment to create hero content around an event (this element usually needs a bigger budget to deliver).

Driving Profitable Customer Actions

Content marketing works primarily across owned and earned media. All digital marketing companies serve paid media such as: SEM, Facebook advertising, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, creating and amplifying your own content can be used to create deeper relationships with customers. Consumers prefer to know the brand on a personal level before converting (the consumer buying process). With engaging content directed to the right target market you are able tell an engaging story through your brand.

Having a friend or stranger deliver a brand message online through social media is 1.5 to 2 times more likely to influence behaviour than delivering the same message in a TV ad (Nielsen, 2016).

Marketers who prioritise blogging are 13 times more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts (HubSpot, 2016).

The most important objective that you need to remember is, what are you trying to achieve through your content marketing campaign? It is important to analyse your audience through research tools such as Google analytics, to observe path to purchase of your content marketing strategy.

Content & SEO Go Hand in Hand

Using content as a large source of your search engine marketing campaign will raise your Google rankings. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, Google loves unique creative content more than anything. In 2016 an ever-growing proportion of Google’s ranking factors rely on great quality content. Content affects your Search engine marketing in the following way:

1. It improves your social metrics (no-one shares poor, un-relatable content)

2. User, usage & traffic/query date, this means that users interact with your content depending how good it is. (e.g. traffics/usage signals from browsers/toolbars/clickstream/quantity and CTR of queries)

3. Domain level keyword usage e.g. exact-match keyword domains and partial keyword matches.

4. Domain-level link authority features. The quantity of links to the domain providing the trust and authority of links (e.g. Page rank).

5. Lastly if you create your own content you’re not likely to get penalised from Google!

Already have a digital marketing strategy in plan without content?

How you decide to deliver your content marketing campaign is up to you however, you need to stand out…. stop trying to sell, try to entertain! Tell your brand story today. See how to create powerful social media marketing campaigns for 2016.

Talk to us at Be Media today, we can help you come up with a content strategy that aligns with your overall company goals and objectives!