How much effort have you put into making your “thank you” page?

For many site owners, this part of their website arguably doesn’t really serve a big purpose except to let their customers or clients know that their transaction had been successful. So is this really something to fuss about?

In truth, yes – the thank you page is a crucial portion in any customer journey. This might be the time when a visitor is done shopping in your online store and can ultimately be the point where loyalty begins.

Whichever the case, your thank you page is one of the pivotal stages that will take your visitors to the next step on the journey to loyalty. This is a major reason why you should leverage it to the fullest to benefit from the momentum of a customer purchasing. Failing to do so can result in lost opportunities for further sales.

If you want to start having that ideal thank you page, you need to follow their best practices first. Here are some of the best tips to designing the perfect ecommerce thank you page today.

Present An Irresistible Offer

Once visitors have arrived at the thank you page, this means that they already completed the call to action you had prepared for them. They took their time to stick around and follow your instructions so why not give them a reward? You can do so by presenting to them an inviting offer such as a free trial, a discount or a freebie as appreciation for their support.

That moment people visit your thank you page is the exact time you’d want to send them some offers that are near impossible to refuse. As they have already converted, giving them special discounts and the like can make the difference between a once-off customer, and a customer for life.

Direct Them on What They Should Do Next

When saying “Thank you” in ecommerce, this doesn’t have to be the farewell where you won’t be hearing from them afterwards. What you should do instead is to continue enticing leads with choices that enable them to stay in touch.

Your Tone Should Be Respectful but Personal

Although the primary purpose in having a thank you page is to show appreciation to your customers, letting them know about it can go a long way in building up trust. That is why it’s essential that the language, appearance and vibe given by this landing page is sincere and genuine.

But that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with a bit of fun and personality. Having a page that’s warm, clear and reassuring rather than just a plain “thank you” ensures that the message you leave with your clients is meaningful.

Make the Navigation Bar Easily Accessible

After converting users on your website, these visitors are still at their peak of interest in your product or service. This is a sign that they may consider checking out other offers by your company. This is why you should make the exploration part simpler for them by ensuring your main navigational bar is always accessible.

The navigation bar is helpful in streamlining your visitor’s experience and is also the main reason why a thank you page separate from the website isn’t ideal. This can lead people to feeling disjointed and out of place. Rather, you should present the navigation as an optimised area of your website to make the journey of your customers run smoothly.

Display Your Case Studies and Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

A couple of very influential aspects of content marketing are case studies and testimonials coming from your happy clients. Most customers would be glad to hand over some of their personal details to have the two built around them. The thank you page is one of the best places to have these shown to your potential customers.

Since they’ve already shown interest in what you offer, giving them the opportunity to read positive customer reviews may be just the thing they need to engage with you further.

Focus on Attention Grabbing Visual Content

Plain text messages are the most common things we can see from thank you pages today. However, there are numerous reasons why you should focus on making your landing pages more inviting and attractive. One good reason is that they might lead to more conversions in the future. This is especially true considering 65% of individuals remember appealing visuals in comparison to just a meagre 10% for text.

Give Them Links for Social Sharing

The social media sharing links that are so prevalent nowadays are there for a good reason. They allow new customers to let their friends know that they’ve recently made a purchase they were happy about. As satisfied customers are often excited about the new product or service they got, this would be the most likely time they’d share it to others.

These sharing buttons are meant to let your customers “share” what they think about your company. Aside from that, it also works as an opportunity to advertise without additional cost on your part!

Setup a Newsletter Subscription

Another idea to include in your ecommerce thank you page is to offer your readers the chance to sign up or subscribe to your newsletters. Newsletters go directly to the email address of your customers and will let them know of any updates or upcoming offers that your shop may have.

Another thing that makes newsletters a worthwhile investment is that these open up your customer’s inbox to your messages. And you shouldn’t lag behind since more than 80% of marketers are already using this approach when marketing their products and services to their target audience.

Furthermore, customers who decide to sign up for your newsletter is a good indication that they’re open to a long-term relationship with your business.

Despite your visitors having accomplished what you wanted from your call to action – purchases, this isn’t the time for you to relax and call it a day. On the contrary, you should instead make the most of the momentum and find ways to further increase the customer-brand connection.

That is why a properly implemented thank you page following the best practices mentioned above is the way to go to heighten your ecommerce conversions!

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