Advertising through broadcast systems has been a traditional and commonly used method of marketing for years.

Seven years ago, only 6.9% of Australians (14+) would not watch any Commercial TV on a normal weekday.

Nearly every person, regardless of age, would watch at least one show, combined with ads, during the day.

Now this is not so much the case – the proportion of Australians who don’t watch any commercial TV has more than doubledThis was a problem to advertisers. Whilst being the cause of this problem the Internet has also consequently provided a new advertising medium with many opportunities that traditional broadcast media simply couldn’t provide.


One of the greatest feats the Internet introduced was the ability to upload and for others to view it instantly. The ability to post, edit and delete posts in real time offers businesses new ways to employ an effective marketing strategy.

To present your ad on traditional broadcast media you have to wait until scheduled times. This heavily impacts the reach of the ad – only those tuning in at that certain time are able to see it. To increase your reach on broadcast media you have to pay for its timeslot. However, Prime Time (the timeslot with the highest reach) is the most expensive to advertise in.


Digital marketing allows you to create and share a whole range of engaging content online. This can include videos, images, blogs and social media posts. Increased variety of content, compared to broadcast media, allows you to attract and retain your audience after that first point of contact.


All content found on the Internet will have their own URL’s – this allows sharing. Simply copy and pasting a link allows for any ad to be shared with others. Many websites even have a “Share” button. Shareability increases an ad’s reach and even the ability to go viral.

On broadcast media, we would have to be there at the right time to record it and then go to even longer lengths in order to share the ad with others.


No longer are the days where we can only create one message for one general audience. The Internet provides you with the tools you need to attack the problem of Selective Perception and target niche groups of consumers who are more likely to buy your products.

After introducing a person to your brand online, you can use digital marketing tools to nurture these leads and tailor your content to specific groups of people and even individuals.

Digital marketing also allows for remarketing – so you can entice back potential customers that previously showed an interest your brand.


Digital marketing allows for the tracking of ads and content so that you can understand which aspects of your campaign are working and which need to be improved.

Services like Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics have segmentation tools that help you more accurately target your audience. Both will also generate reports that give you a deeper understanding of your audience’s preferences and buying patterns. Utilising these services correctly can potentially cause your sales to skyrocket!


Optimising your ads for mobile means you will be able to target consumers who are out and about – not just at home. Mobile ads can include simple notifications, pop ups on applications or games, and even push-notification ads to potential customers when they happen to be near a business.
With digital marketing you can now target your potential customers wherever and whenever!

Anyone Can Enter the Advertising Game

The number of people becoming more comfortable using the Internet is growing every day. Compared to traditional forms of marketing, digital marketing has a lower cost of production. This, along with the ever-increasing usability of the Internet, means advertising is no longer only limited to qualified or trained marketers – the average person can also compete with an affordable marketing strategy.

Whether you are a large company, a small one, or a one-man show – anyone can utilise the web as a space to advertise!

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