Segment your audience for better performance

We are strong believers in segmenting our audiences so the right audience gets the right message at the right time. We recently reviewed a lot of internal processes around tracking and pixels to expand on this workflow. The impact can be measured by seeing higher click through rates and conversions in our Facebook Ad campaigns. Using audience based marketing is a very powerful growth tactic that proves successful for us again and again.

We at Be Media love working with Facebook, especially since it is considered to be one of the best channels to advertise online. With that said, I’ve prepared for you a list of the top 5 Facebook audiences one must have to be successful when advertising on the platform.


Website Visitors

There are several ways to make use of website visitors as your audience. With the help of Facebook Pixel, advertisers will be able to gather information on Facebook directly with regards to user website behaviours. This approach makes it possible to perform remarketing on people that have already visited the brand website.

Additionally, this allows companies to carry out a different way of marketing to users that have interacted with its various web pages. A couple of examples include sending out a “don’t forget” message to people that have added but abandoned their shopping cart or deliver information ads to users that have clicked on your “About Us” page.



Data from first-party audiences are gathered straight from the business that’s doing the advertising. This kind of information contains details from audiences such as past converters, contact lists, shopping cart abandoners, and content interactors. It is crucial that you keep an eye on where these data pools are in your funnels, as this is an indication of how you are currently advertising to them.

Furthermore, you also want to keep in mind the exclusions on Facebook. One can quickly go past other audiences such as web visitors or past converters and just focus on first-parties from their prospecting campaigns.


Core Audiences

The Core Audiences on Facebook is another targeting option that lets advertisers dig deep into audiences based on their demographic, location, interests, and behaviours. By combining these data sets, marketers will be able to make accurate pools of potential customers depending on specific criteria.

A crucial thing to keep in mind as you curate these lists is managing the audience pool that Facebook provides to you based on location. For those advertising with location limiters, it’s important that you ensure there are sufficient core audiences included for it to be worthwhile.


Facebook Interaction

Just like website visitors as well as the approach involved with them, advertisers can use Facebook Interactions to send out specific messages to those that have interacted with their business. This sort of interaction can be on Facebook or even on Instagram pages and doesn’t require the installation of a tracking or pixel method.

A few examples of such interactions are those that have clicked on your call-to-action, engaged with your latest posts, or have left a message on your page.

powerful facebook audiences


Also called LAL audiences, Look-A-Likes are perhaps one of the top features that an advertiser can take advantage of in Facebook Advertising. It is so good that many experts recommend users to make their own LAL audience on each first-party data pool they have access to. The following are audiences that you can convert into LALs:


  • Shopping Cart Bounces
  • Contact Lists
  • Past Converters


All LALs are typically reliable performers since they are able to filter prospect customers that are quite similar to those that have met previous criteria. Ensure that you keep a low percentage in terms of audience size (between 1-3%) to help narrow down your audience pool as much as possible.



The five audience types I’ve mentioned above are essential to focus on to create a complete funnel approach when advertising. When you employ them strategically throughout your Facebook ads campaigns, you can understand more about your customers and the journey they take to get to you.

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