One of the biggest frustrations for local roofing businesses is lead generation. Google has squeezed and squeezed the organic search results making it a pay to play ecosystem where you just have to be running some form of pay per click advertising to get shown at the top of the results. We believe that search engine optimisation works and is still a viable way to grow your business in the long term, but the fastest way is by using PPC advertising to get your business listed first in Google.

We do suggest that you look at a stage by stage online marketing strategy rollout to gadually increase your online visibility. But in this case, we will take a look at how Google Ads can help roofers promote themselves on the Web.

So without further ado, let’s get started!


What is Google Ads and How Does It Work?

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is a service provided by Google to help businesses advertise their offerings on the search engine and its advertising platform. The Google Ads program allows companies to set their own advertising budget and only pay for those that have been clicked by people. Their ad service focuses more on the use of keywords.

Businesses that make use of Google Ads can make relevant ads by using keywords that people search for using the search engine. Once a certain keyword has been searched, this triggers the ad to be displayed on their search results. Sponsored ads show up at the top of the results with the “Ad” label included. Once someone clicks on your ad, they can then be redirected to your own website.


Is Google Ads a Good Strategy for My Roofing Company?

The short answer? It depends. There are some things that you need to have in place before you should begin a campaign. Google Ads isn’t for all companies, whatever industry they may be in.

For those who live in a city with a population less than 200,000, you may not get the search engine volume that you need for a successful marketing campaign. The same is true with niche roofing providers who may not have enough potential customers seeking their services.

Here are some questions that can guide you and see if Google Ads is right for your business:

  • Do I have the infrastructure to take on inbound calls?
  • Can I return missed calls as soon as possible?
  • In bigger and more competitive markets, can I spare a few thousand dollars each month to compete with the other roofing companies that also use Google Ads?

If your answer to all of these questions is yes, then you might be an ideal candidate for Google Ads. If not, then it may not be the best choice for your roofing business.

The Benefits of Google Ads for Roofers

There are many roofers in Australia today, and if you think about it, there’s so much competition going on for both commercial and residential roofing leads.

Since everyone in this industry is trying to get new customers, roofers will have to come up with a new marketing plan to succeed. Let’s take a look at the main benefits that Google Ads can bring to roofing businesses today.


You Get to Close the Marketing Gap

Roofers who have been established for quite some time obviously have a marketing advantage over the newer ones. Their brand may be more recognisable, have better organic ranking on Google, more developed email marketing lists and more followers on their social channels. To overcome these, newer roofing companies can turn to Google Ads for answers.

For instance, roofers can employ pay-per-click specialists who can set up their campaigns for them. In just a short time, you can direct traffic to an optimised site or landing page to start getting leads.


The Results are Easy to Quantify

Although not all marketing activities are easy to keep an eye on and measure, PPC campaigns are different. Search engines like Google and Bing monitor every click, ad impression and conversion that goes on, making the results of your PPC campaign easy to quantify.

With such data available to roofers, you get to see the real status of your marketing efforts. You can access analytical data which are readily available and can use them to change campaigns based on what’s working.


Your Ads Can Show Up on the First Page

The rise of online business directories has made it more difficult for roofers to bring their websites to the forefront of search engine results. What’s even worse is that a study shows that about 98% of users don’t look past the second page of Google or Bing when searching. But when you advertise with PPC, you have a much better and more guaranteed way of showing up on the first page of these search engines.

And even if you are already showing up on the first page of Google organically, PPC can still be a necessity. In fact, Google will show up to 4 ads along with Google Maps before it displays the organic results. What this means for you is that potential clients may see up to 8 other roofing companies before they get to yours.


Word to the Wise

Ultimately, a PPC campaign is a great way to stay on top of search results and your competition.

If you are looking for help with setting up your Google Ads campaign, we’ve got you covered. We at Be Media have the pay-per-click specialists you need to get your roofing business up and about. Contact us today!

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