There had been two main AdWords update in 2018 which were focused on Landing Pages Report and the improved accuracy that comes with the Customer Match Options. But did you know that there were more changes made by the search giant? Take a look at the new things you’ll find in the new Google Ads below.


Keywords and Google Ads New Custom Columns

To get started with these custom columns, you first have to start with the keyword section and then click the button ‘column modification’. After that, select Custom Columns which should bring out the new and improved column creator within the keyword and ad tabs. This will then let you customize the metrics based on your performance and conversion element.

This latest addition can be quite useful with regards to doing the deeper analysis for your keywords and select ads instead of the whole ad group. There are many options and customization with this with regards to ad levels and keywords.


Promotion Extensions

It can be frustrating to prepare a new ad for Google Ads. You’d want to provide as much info for your potential buyers but Google only gives you 80 characters for the description and 30 characters for its headline. This won’t give you the space you need to share everything you want. With the new promotion extension, this won’t be much of a problem anymore.

The new feature will let users add a new tab of information to their ad which would display your products. Using the extensions, it will allow you to control when they show up and also on which devices. This means that you can customise the offers based on the device and you don’t have to bother with wasting your copy.


Broader Customer Match Options

There has been a new customer matching option released for public use. This gave advertisers on the platform the ability to upload customer data files to match existing customers to its target audience. This will allow you to remarket a lot easier. People also like this new feature because the conversion does really well. Being able to upload files on existing customers using their mailing address and phone numbers to match retail users is really useful for search engine marketing.


Mobile Speed Score

There is a new mobile speed score that has been added to the Google Adwords platform and can be seen on the landing pages section. From this area, users will be able to see immediately which of their pages are giving a good mobile experience to users and which ones need attention. Google places importance on mobile page speed especially with their latest changes and state that this can impact ad performance significantly.


Responsive Search Ads

This is possibly the feature that has been the most anticipated for many users. Although still in beta, the responsive search ads let people create up to four descriptions and fifteen different headlines all at once. From there on, Google Ads will take the lead and mix these headlines and descriptions to give you the best results.

The feature makes use of machine learning and Google will analyse a lot of metrics to see which ones would resonate the best with your potential customers and can really help your search engine marketing.

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