Insights from Google’s Latest Innovations

Mobile 1st world is here. With trillions of global Google searches each year the shift has happened. Mobile phones are the first thing we pick up in the morning and that last thing we put down before we go to bed. The first thing we do in the morning is check news platforms, emails and social media, we never really switch off. As advertisers we need to understand the customer needs and focus on the moments that matter. With the shift in device preference we need to accommodate the user experience and reach them when they’re actively searching by understanding the connection between online and physical behaviour.


If brands are constantly advertising it becomes disruptive to our lifestyles, we need to actively think about when and where we are reaching people when it matters. This is called a micro-moment. Micro-moments are the connection between real life situations and mobile interaction where people want to know, want to buy or want to go. A study by Google found that 30% of mobile searches are related to location ‘micro-moments’. Location related mobile searches are growing 50% faster than regular searches. What does this mean for us as advertisers?

Google Bidding

Google is introducing individual bid adjustments per device to optimise ad interaction behaviour by device engagement. This means we can bid more aggressively on the best performing device for your service/product. Whether it be mobile, desktop or tablet you can now anchor your base keyword bid based on your device preference. For example when you are using your mobile device you are searching with intent to take action sooner rather than later, you could be searching for a nearby coffee shop or the nearest petrol station, therefore the intent is more urgent. Whereas for a desktop device it may be more beneficial to target keywords that relate to the initial research phase of purchase, eg. Best coffee Perth or current petrol prices. People searching these search queries may be more likely to travel based on the advertisers information.


Digital marketing is more accountable for in-store interactions than ever. With Google’s latest technology insights we are able to measure the customer journey from their first mobile interaction to their final store visit. Google found that consumers are buying a car with only two store interactions, this means users decisions are being largely influenced by the impact of online search in the research phase of the customer buying cycle.

How Should You Be Investing in Mobile?

The seamless integration between offline and online life is here. We no longer need to know where the closest hardware store is, it’s only a search away. Google’s latest innovations and changes will provide numerous opportunities to engage with potential customers by understanding customer needs and their device behaviour. How should we be investing in mobile? At Be Media we are already thinking local in alignment with our existing online marketing strategies. Find out how your business will benefit today!