Breaking Down Facebook’s Ad Platform

We are all aware of the absurdly enormous impact Facebook has had on our society over the past decade – a platform that has over 1 billion active users to date.

And it’s still growing!

This incredible reach proves to be the reason marketing and advertising professionals continue to remain engaged. These days, brands cannot afford to miss the ‘Facebook market’ with its uncapped reach potential.

As the leading social media platform, of course there is no doubting Facebook’s popularity level when it comes to advertising tools and their impression rates. Facebook’s advertising platform is now classified as a staple tool in a modern day digital marketing strategy. With low costs, a huge database and user precision targeting it is no surprise 93% of the globes marketers use it!

Out of 7 platforms, Facebook performs at the cheapest rate – a cost of only $0.25 to reach 1000 people!

So, How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Now you’re probably thinking . . . “why would I put money into a free platform?”

Well, its firstly key to understand the difference between organic and paid advertising. Yes, of course its possible to gain traction via posting directly to your Facebook News Feed and encouraging organic engagement – but there is only so much reach organic efforts can achieve.

You can’t count on every post becoming viral!

Due to the dramatic increase in ad content competing for News Feed space, it is becoming harder and harder to be favoured by Facebook’s algorithm. Ranking is crucial to achieving reach, and ultimately achieving a ROI from digital marketing efforts. A higher ranking will ensure a post surfaces, becoming visible to the user. Like SEO, ranking is based upon certain factors such as relevance and popularity, but like with all advertising efforts, budget also plays a major part. To get ahead and adhere to these factors, putting money behind your posts is key $$$

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Types of Facebook Ads

There are many different types of Facebook Ads to explore – learn them in depth Here

Choose Your Objective

Link Ads

Facebook Link Ads come in many different formats- all of which include a call to action. These call to actions are customisable and provide a link to your chosen URL (your landing page), driving traffic to your website or chosen URL.

Lead Ads

Lead Ads are focused around achieving leads via device navigation optimisation. Facebook users are able to download or sign up to the offer without leaving Facebook. The perfect method to gain quick and easy access to customer data on the platform for future leads.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads are designed to promote products in various ways, automatically updating your customers with the most relevant items and services on offer. Using an automated system, Facebook targets people who have previously expressed interest in your company.

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How to: Facebook Ad Targeting

One of the most significant assets of Facebook advertising is its ultimate precision abilities.

Building your target audience is key to Ad success. Facebook’s platform makes this task easy. The multiple character defining options available (listed below) allow you to custom design your audience, formatted for seamless segmentation.


Customise Your Audience


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Job title & Workplace (Industry)
  • Study Areas


  • Region- country
  • Local – city
  • In time – area


  • Device use
  • Purchases
  • Previous site visits


  • Entertainment
  • Hobbies
  • Page likes

Ad Targeting Bonus Facts

Each add can be targeted to specific groups of core audience
Every time you create an Ad in Facebook, you are able to manually alter the target audience- making it possible to customise an audience for every ad! What a game changer.

Facebook Ad Re-targeting
Thanks to advanced filtering and data technology, you are now able to target audiences who have previously visited your website- enhancing reach to potential customers.

‘Look-A-Like Audiences’
Don’t just reach your customers, reach further and build new customers based on current audience information- learn more about your audience and target those who are similar.


The Future of Facebook Ads

Keeping up with technology trends is essential with all forms of digital marketing and advertising, so what’s the news for Facebook Ads in mid-2018?

Facebook recently (Tuesday, July 10th) announced the commencement into testing and trialing Augmented Reality Advertisements. This latest technology trend has generated continual buzz for many industries, but is only now becoming reachable for many everyday audiences. Facebook are leading the way in advertising, bringing this technology to its market with user friendly approaches, in attempts at changing the game via ultimate interaction. Trail Ads will be launched throughout the season, so keep you’re eye out.

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