Voice Search and speech recognition software are on the rise like never before. It will soon transform our quality of life much like the Internet did years ago. Most major tech giants are making some real high investments in voice search and speech recognition to gain a breakthrough. If you haven’t been impacted by voice search yet, it’s right around the corner and it’s only a matter of time before everyone gets swept over by the marvels of voice search. Let’s look at the facts and breakdown how voice search will be utilized.

Hands-free technology, as it is more popularly known, is changing the face of the internet like never before. Siri and Google Assistant are now facing some tough competition from their counterparts, like Amazon with its device Alexa, now ruling the market. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced that one-fifth of the queries on Google are voice searches. And surveys have time and time again proved the effectiveness of the voice search technology coupled with artificial intelligence.

As the digital giants start perfecting their protocols for AI and voice search, it has become important for all companies to implement voice search. By using voice search as your major technological protocol, you can keep user’s experience at the forefront of your brand marketing initiatives. Thus, it becomes crucial to utilize these two new technologies to drive the business of digital marketing.

By 2020, it is estimated that 50% searches online will be voice activated (source). Statista reported that mobile searches accounted for more than 50% of web traffic in 2017. Furthermore, 41 % of adults addressed that they used voice search at least once a day (Source). Do you see a trend here and one that is witnessing an exponential growth?

Voice Search technology is the next wave of technological revolution. The question is how you can prepare your company, business model and employees for this bleeding edge tool? Let’s dive deep into the pool of review some important highlights. We’ll break down how voice search can be utilized and how it will change your business and the service industry.

Role of Voice search in SEO

SEO is one of the most vastly important tools that is utilized by the online business industry all around the world. Since its inception, SEO has witnessed various changes, the majority of which have come in the form of limitations by the search engines. And this change is confirming its presence in the coming year. Artificial intelligence and voice search will affect the company’s progression with SEO. Business will now have to align their keywords to utilize this new technology to drive more income and demand. The sooner a business learns the tricks of the trade, the faster it will grow. It will be survival of the fittest!

Voice search will affect the way content is written and might narrow down the target markets more accurately and precisely as it will give the desired results in less time. It will also help provide relevant feedback by sorting through massive amounts of information. This will give marketers a competitive edge as they will be able to narrow down their target audience. Furthermore, AI can be used to analyze content images ads, marketing content, layouts, and UI graphics.

AI as a business tool is much required to reach your target audience. For this, it will be important to have a website that is precisely optimized to get the desired results. In this age of data collection and the techy techy world of things, AI helps businesses know the required information about each of their clients, thus increasing their growth as well as scoring brownie points on customer satisfaction.

It is also believed that voice search will eliminate the possibilities of black hat SEO techniques, as it will be easier to detect false keyword stuffing in the coming future. This could very well be the governing fact for SEO’s future, as it might make the playing field equally leveled for all contenders. All the major companies are changing their websites to allow seamless voice search operation without any hindrance. In the last few years, there has been consistent and structured developments in voice search and AI technology, thereby spreading its advantages far and wide. Now the user does not have to stress about long sentences and correct typing to get the right result.

Be it mobile, laptop or personal computer,voice search makes it extremely convenient for people of all ages to search by just speaking to their gadget. This ease of use in everyday life is sure to lead to the high growth of this technology. Google is now not only adding all the language but is also focusing on semantics, making it an extremely user-friendly experience.

Comparing to the text search

As far as the comparison game is concerned, the voice search derives more accurate results. For instance, you will use the text search to write ‘best restaurants in Perth’. Contrarily, you can use voice search to ask ‘is there any good restaurant in Perth with Italian cuisine?’  We can phrase our thinking from the words we use with voice search. The range and quality of search automatically improves when we use voice search. This prevalent technology will allow you to become more conversational and companies will have to add content in an optimized way. The artificial intelligence technology is only making the process of voice search smarter and smoother.

In today’s fast-paced world it becomes easier and quicker to speak and find answers rather than typing long paragraphs. The multiple trials of voice search are not even tiring as compared to the typing process. Speaking is faster any day you try vs. typing. Since 2016, there has been a 20% rise in voice search operations as shown by the results. Every day new assisting devices are showing up in the market, thus changing the very landscape of not only the commercial industry but also the way households operate.

How Do You Optimise Your Site For Voice Search?

The way we use voice search is more conversational and often includes variations of names and places. This is much different than how we would optimize for a Google search where the language is more formal.

How is search different with voice?

  • The search phrases are longer
  • The language used to search is more natural
  • Search results often don’t lead to a website and are contained in the spoken result

There are several ways to optimize for voice search and you can start doing this today.

Optimising mobile and local searches

Voice search also puts better focus on mobile usage. With the rise of voice search, you may need to totally optimize your website for mobile and even focus on it primarily.  We know people looking for local services search differently than those looking to buy products online.

Voice search will also mean that you will have to optimize local search as an important part of your business operation. With geolocation, it will become more important than ever to rank high in local search results. When customers get habitual of saying things like ‘around me’ or ‘in my area’, it becomes imperative to affirm that your business or company shows up near the top results.

How to optimize  your SEO for voice search

Having listed the advantages of using voice search in today’s world of business, let us now see how best one can make this technology work for their business to gain more customers.

1. Utilizing  the mobile

Mobile phones users undoubtedly form the majority of people who use voice search. In the age of smartphones and 24/7 internet connectivity, voice search is quite frequently. Therefore it becomes more important to align voice search in all types of mobile phones. The website created for your company should be mobile friendly and should not take too much time to load. A website that functions smoothly in relation to navigation, design, format and loading time on both desktop and mobile will earn its company higher rankings on Google and thus more profile. So take note!

2. Keywords

If we go by the type of results delivered by the voice recognition technology, the results are similar to the accuracy of a typed search. But voice search users generally use long sentences and different words than you might think. Diverse languages are also thrown into the mix, making it critical for businesses to update and reinvent their keywords. This will automatically lead to better search ranking with customer satisfaction and lead to more profits for the business.

Your employees have to get inside the brains of the customers and think about how they would describe the product, brand or service. Long keywords with more words and complete sentences need to build and add to the pool of previous words. Just like how we speak in everyday language, such natural sentences need to be included that best describe one’s model. All this will surely increase the outreach and customer base.

3. Brief

This is the latest addition by the Google search engine. A short text describing the details of the company appear in the top right corner of the result page. When a customer searches, the desired content is made available in a crisp format which makes a good impression for the brand and highly convenient for the user. Start working to make your website featured in these snippet boxes. This way exact content is delivered which is desired by the user. When using voice search, this is the exact paragraph that will be read to them. The competition to reach this spot is quite high.

4. Google business listing

This listing is especially important in the case of cafes, restaurants, shops, etc. Displaying the name, number, address and other required details on the web page are crucial for the user to find the required information. Again, this is the information read to the user when he or she uses voice search technology. It’s a good idea to hire a small focus group to test out your website verbiage using voice search. You need to get it right!

Voice search optimisation through structured data

Structured data is a high level of organisation used by search engines to organize and display content through creative ways. It is essentially the data which describes the data on the website of a business. It is utilized by search engines to classify and position the various web pages.

Search engines have now moved beyond content to rank a page. By using structured data or schema mark up as it’s known, brands can effectively attain high rankings for specific attributes and keywords. It helps in earning a good name for the brand as well as establishing its authority. It adds to the visual appeal of the brand and its products. It is a complete package of all the relevant details of a business. 

But there is a catch. Since voice search is used here, there will be little room for error. In other words, if the answer of the AI assistant is wrong, consumers will often prefer blaming the business rather than the device itself. Supporting this is the fact that 8 out of 10 UK consumers encounter incorrect location information and 49% blame businesses for such errors (source).

When you adopt high-profile technology like voice search, you have to meet the expectations of consumers from top to bottom. When you are unable to provide the correct information, you might encounter a negative perception through the frustration of the customers. On the positive side, if you optimize your business to provide quick, accurate and relevant information, your brand might go a long way enjoying the loyalty and satisfaction of your customers.

In a nutshell, voice search is like a tide that cannot be stopped or turned down. Companies have no option but to prepare for this technological explosion. The time is now. As of now, the competition has already started, and your company needs to be out there. Can you imagine a business not having a website today? That will be how crucial voice search is in the future. More than 50% of all searches in the future will be based on the voice search technology and commands.

So gear up and start putting a search marketing strategy together for harnessing this opportunity. Artificial intelligence and voice search are here to stay and will rule the digital marketing world for years to come. Just wait and see!

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