Whitelisting emails has never been easier. How many times have you waited for an email and then eventually found it in your “junk” folder? It happens time and time again.

Or if you are an email marketer why go through all of the work of sending your customers and subscribers marketing emails if they just go directly to the “junk” folder? What a waste of time and resources!

You need to understand the steps you need to take to not only whitelist the emails you are receiving but also know the steps your customers need to take to “whitelist” your marketing emails. This is crucial in yielding the results you are looking for. 

Whitelisting an email is simply adding an email address to your “approved list”. Follow your email provider steps below to ensure you don’t miss important updates and information again. 



If you use Gmail

To ensure emails aren’t missed and filtered by spam, just mark the conversation as important.


If you use Outlook

Take the following steps:

Step 1:

Select the message of the sender you wish to whitelist


Step 2:

Then click Home > Junk > Never Block Sender or you can right click the selected message and choose Junk > Never Block Sender from the drop down menu.


Step 3:

You will be prompted with a dialog box notifying you that the selected address has been added to your safe senders list



If you use Mac Mail

Take the following steps:

Step 1: 

Select Mail > Preferences from the menu in Mac OS X Mail


Step 2: 

Select the Rules category and click Add Rule


Step 3:

Type a description and ensure the criteria reads correctly


Step 4:

Enter the domain name you wish to whitelist, and enter the actions you want to be performed


Step 5:​​​​​​​

Click OK

If you are a company sending out marketing emails, don’t be afraid to ask your subscribers to “whitelist” your email address. Many do not realize how to do this, so making a “friendly request” with instructions could make a big difference in the impact and effectiveness of your emails. And it’s a one-time task taking less than 30 seconds. Most will be happy to oblige. 

Hopefully the term “whitelist” no longer scares you or seems like a foreign object. It truly is a simple task that you can immediately take to impact your daily routine. No more hunting for those emails; get yourself set up for success today and you’ll never miss a connection again. 


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