Changes To Instagrams Core Algorithm, Did you feel that?

It was the collective shiver of the world as the Instagram algorithm feed is rolled out. Since its birth, Instagram has boasted a chronological feed and now, users are up in arms that it’s shifting. With small brands and bloggers feeling the pressure of any organic reach being swept away by the algorithm, it begs the question – what does this mean for brands on Instagram?

There’s one thing that all digital marketers can agree on – content is King.

Now with an algorithm to combat, that’s more important than ever. All it takes is a quick look at your Facebook feed to understand how the algorithm is going to work for Instagram. Scroll down your newsfeed and you’ll see content that is highly engaged with and pages that you interact with – Instagram is going to be no different.

So what does this mean for your business?

A strong content strategy is needed more than ever!

An Instagram strategy was predominantly based on growing your audience – the bigger the audience, the more people see your content. With an algorithm, it doesn’t matter how many hundreds of thousands of people follow you if your content isn’t engaging.

First things first, you will need to take a look at your audience to truly understand what they relate and engage with. Look at all of the posts that aren’t getting likes and comments and scrap them for the future – gone are the days of filler posts.

Posting will become a classic case of ‘less is more’. Spamming your audience with average content is completely pointless and you will be penalised for it greatly. Save your posts for something that is truly amazing and the algorithm gods will reward you. Highly engaging posts will remain at the top of the feed, despite the time of posting.

Finally, you need to remember what you are posting for.

Create content that is relevant and individual to Instagram – don’t just post the exact same thing across every platform, and not only that but fit in with what is authentically ‘Instagram’ and not just your brand’s corporate messages. Essentially, be creative!

It can feel like a big, scary change but arguably, the content that you will be seeing will have more relevance to you as the user. Smart brands will adapt to these changes and use the algorithm to their advantage.

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