How You Can Use Instagram Marketing in 2020

Maintaining a presence on social media is essential for any business seeking to increase brand awareness and engagement. Since Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, it’s the perfect place to get started. In recent years, Instagram has introduced a range of new features that make Instagram marketing even more effective. If you want to get ahead in 2020, be sure to take advantage of these simple Instagram tips and tricks!

Get Hash-Tagging

Using hashtags will allow users to discover your content easily. Searching for hashtags is one of the main ways that users look for content on Instagram. Hashtags place your content in topic-specific feeds, making it easily searchable and increasing your exposure to a wider audience.

In addition to allowing your content to be discovered, hashtags can create a community for your brand. This can be done by using branded-hashtags that feature your business’s name or product within the hashtag. This encourages user-generated content, as users will be more likely to include your branded-hashtag in their posts. This user-generated content is essentially free promotion that increases exposure for your business. These branded hashtags can be used across multiple platforms.


Create Engaging Captions

When posting images on Instagram, be sure to include an engaging caption. Try to create a caption that encourages followers to interact with your content. Many businesses ask questions in their captions and direct their followers to answer within the comments. Another common strategy is to ask users to tag their friends within the comments. This increases interaction with your posts. If an account with large following interacts with your post, it is more likely that your post will feature on the explore page of users who follow that popular account. This increases exposure for your brand.


Make Your Feed Flow

Having an Instagram feed that follows a consistent theme will encourage users to follow your account as they know what content to expect. Look at your page as a whole and see how the images work together. Your Instagram feed should be carefully crafted with quality images and engaging captions. With a visually appealing page, users will be more likely to save your posts to view again. Later, when they are looking for ideas on where to eat, what to wear or where to travel to, they will remember the post they saved and check out your page!

Try the Carousel Feature

Recently, Instagram introduced a feature that allows you to upload multiple photos in one post. Users can slide across to view all the photos in the post. This gives your brand more flexibility, as you can emphasis all the different features of a product or service in one post! This provides followers with a lot of information about a product or service without clogging up their feeds.


Use Instagram Stories

Another new feature on Instagram is stories. Instagram stories appear separately to your usual feed and last for only 24 hours. This provides another channel through which to promote your brand. Due to the temporary nature of the content, Instagram stories give you the opportunity to be more authentic and give users a ‘behind the scenes’ look at your brand. Instagram stories can be used to provide a demonstration of a product and then provide followers with the link to this product. This increases interaction and builds a relationship with your followers.



How Instagram Can Build Your Business

We have been running workshops with clients and interested businesses on the best way to use Facebook & Instagram to build businesses. The questions we have been faced with are quite common and we agree that keeping up with the changes is almost a full time job.

What we have been able to do with Instagram is to develop a very different messaging than we have on LinkedIn and on some of the other advertising platforms we use. The audience on IG is much more interested in live updates, images, and short funky videos. Every business has the opportunity to leverage Instagram but its not for everyone. 

Instagram is an ever changing social media platform, we know this because we often test new features and find updates while working in the platform. If you want to employ an effective Instagram marketing strategy to boost your brand’s online presence,  contact  Be Media to find out how we can help.

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