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It’s true, each geographical market caters to a different demographic. Find out why your keywords work better in Perth juxtaposed to Sydney or even Fremantle to Scarborough! Organise your campaigns with local SEO. With an individualised approach you can independently analyse how locations are performing and identify how to optimise your traffic, rankings and goal competitions to work best for your business.

Benefits of Being Local

  • Search Engines use location data when displaying search results
  • People use their cities/states/suburb during search queries
  • Consumers are becoming more personal; they trust ‘Sue’s Pizza’ down the road rather than Pizza Hut – (smaller local brands over big brands)
  • Some markets perform better than others

In addition to getting more visitors who are actually relevant to your business, you can target your goals and achieve more conversions!


Google My Business – How to Rank Higher?

Everyone who owns their own business should have access to a Google My Business page. If you don’t, make one…. if you do, jump on the ‘optimise section’ of My Business. First thing to do is find out if your business is already listed. If it isn’t listed it, get listed! Write in your company name, make sure the details match and then confirm your listing!There was a time over the last years where we would optimise for “near me” search terms because people were searching for things like “secure storage near me” or “travel agent near me” and while we still optimise for these terms we think more about mobile search and voice search as the primary drivers of local relevant traffic.


Time to optimise

  • Make sure your name, address and phone number is consistent when listing your business.
  • Categorise your services! You can add up to five services on Google My Business. Determine your five most popular services for your target audience and use them to your advantage.
  • Use your Google My Business to optimise your content, by introducing yourself. Write 250 words of unique content, using your generic and geo-location keywords.
  • Put your correct business hours in. Consumers are often searching for opening hours, if yours aren’t visible they will probably pick a competing business over yours.
  • Think of mobile users first, more than 60% of most SMB’s consumer base is mobile traffic and its not slowing down.
  • Create a personal connection with your customers. Add photos of your business. Whether it’s boasting about your achievements/awards or it’s your director’s birthday, it all counts!


Multiple Business Listings

Now you know the basics it’s time to get your business listed in different locations. Many businesses have franchising and unfortunately each geographic market does not have the same demographic. This offers you the ability to be creative with your campaigns and become geo-smart.It’s important to use one domain for all your locations. Create one main location landing page to link each state/region/country to your page. It can be easier to have a sub folder or domain to avoid having over 100 location pages on your website.Create a page for each location ensuring each page’s information has unique content and isn’t just a repeat with the change of address. Target and focus user experience on the page, use testimonials and geo-location keywords.By optimising your location you have more opportunity to rank higher in Google for not only one business listing, but all of them without the hassle of making a different domain for each location.


Use a Local SEO Strategy to Reach More People

Be Media is your local SEO specialists, we understand the way people search and the intent behind the search. Google gives business owners all the tools they need to increase their online visibility for both paid and organic search.

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Tag Manager
  4. Google Ads Platform
  5. Google My Business

Take local search seriously and your leads and sales will increase. We see quick wins every day by tapping into local search based queries and targeting campaigns around what the local consumer wants. One key to our success with local search is listening to you the client and understanding what it is you sell and how you sell it then we know what to promote online to an audience that wanst to buy from you but just doesn’t know where you are.To partner with Be Media on your Local SEO campaigns, you can contact us here for a FREE no obligation consultation.


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