Magento Websites for Large Online Stores

E-commerce is an industry that continues to evolve and Magento is one of the most renowned platforms that can take ecommerce to the next level to the next level. Thousands of website owners use it to build up their online stores and it is only second to WooCommerce when it comes to doing so. Magento is so popular that it powers almost 30% of all digital stores on the Web today.

This statistic continues to grow as we forge ahead. With the increasing amount of Magento-driven e-commerce, you as a store owner will have to be ready to adapt to the changing landscape.

It Is Mobile Compatible and Supports SEO Efforts

Magento is well known for staying up to date with the latest standards in mobile web design and SEO. Visitors that use mobile devices to browse the Internet expect websites today to function as flawlessly as possible. A website that accomplishes this will lead to improved user experience and thus, quality of website sessions and increases in conversions.

The SEO performance of a website influences the number of visits it gets. The good news is that a site built with Magento can be expected to be in line with the latest ranking factors in SEO. Since this platform offers decent URL structure and metadata options for search, websites developed using Magento would most likely succeed in their efforts.

Online Stores Load Up Fast

The concept behind Magento is ensuring that all e-commerce stores made using the product are the fastest in the world. We can say that they are certainly speedy websites and are known to have quickly loading pages.

There are a multitude of benefits of a fash website. For one, a page that boots up quicker means that the information a potential customer is looking for can be presented to them as soon as possible. This can then lead to a higher likelihood of leads being converted in the long run.

Solid Capabilities and Capacities

Magento is able to support a maximum of 500,000 products on a single website while handling more than 70,000 orders in an hour. What this means is that there is much growth to look forward to even if your ecommerce store is just starting out. However because of its sophistication, Magento requires a special kind of hosting to ensure optimal performance and speeds are met.

Magento Allows for Custom Integrations to Be Employed

As integrations via third parties are allowed, Magento allows more space for online stores to make custom additions and changes to their systems and capabilities. This is perhaps one of the most benefical aspects that Magento as an e-commerce platform has to offer. Since not all digital shops operate the same way, owners will be able to customise theirs based on their preferences when they use Magento.

It’s Made Up of a Huge Community

More than 240,000 companies are using Magento for their e-commerce requirements today. Back in 2012 alone hundreds of Magento developers held official certifications around the world. There were also approximately 800,000 developers at that time. This number has increased twofold since then which gives newcomers a solid community that can provide support and opportunities for business networking.

It’s Known for Its Superior Support

Speaking of support, nearly any business today would say that support plays an essential part in the growth of their companies. Whether it is digital or traditional, the support available can play a crucial role in long term business success. This is a strength of Magento’s, priding themselves on their support.


New additions with regards to stability and security can be expected when you choose Magento. As mentioned above, the active community and helpful developers can be very useful for those starting out. All of these cogs in the platform make up the fast, easy and seamless e-commerce platform that it is today.

It Can Perform Multiple Tasks at Once

Some people, especially smart business owners, thrive in a multitasking environment. What makes Magento better than other choices is that it lets users do several tasks simultaneously. This allows them to focus on other jobs while they keep an eye on the performance of their Magento website.

Even the developers and merchants can manage multiple things at once through a user-friendly dashboard offered by the CMS.

Multiple Languages and Currencies are Supported

There are too many e-commerce platforms today that have very little support when it comes to different languages and currencies. The good news is that Magento adaptively supports all of the currencies in the world along with several languages. So Australian online store owners won’t have to worry about going international when they choose the platform.

It Can Handle Multiple Websites

Those who own several online stores can rejoice knowing that Magento is capable of hosting all these on just a single administration back-end. This is another key attribute that makes Magento a popular choice for e-commerce nowadays.

Having read the benefits offered by Magento, we can say that it is indeed one of the better platforms for digital store owners right now. Its e-commerce CMS is constantly being updated to provide users with the latest trends in design, SEO, stability and security for the best experience. Coupled with the ability to handle major requests, Magento can be used alongside large-scale online stores and other like-minded platforms.

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