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Google is a sneaky, sneaky thing, using more and more ways to make sure people still use their products, but do they have to? Probably not. I mean, what are you going to do? Move to another search engine? It’s not like everybody will suddenly migrate to Ask Jeeves, Bing or Yahoo Search, Google is so much engrained in our culture that I doubt people will ever stop using it.  

They’re constantly coming out with new products to encourage usage of their search engine, as well as their ads, etc. But they do this by providing some serious value to marketers and businesses alike. It may seem like a ploy just to get and lock down more active users, but it works, and it provides serious value to business.

One of their latest releases, The Google My Business Marketing Kit is no different, encouraging further use of their platform, but providing immense value to both marketers and local business. But firstly what is Google My Business?


What Is Google My Business?

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Google My Business is one of the most powerful tools for a small business. It is an online panel that can drive 4 main outcomes:

  • Leave a Review – Preferably 5 stars! It is important that you let happy customers know to do this, it is a big trust indicator for other people looking at your products/services and can help sway their final decision between your business, and a key competitor, which makes 5 star reviews incredibly valuable. 
  • Visit Your Website – This button simply sends people to a website link of your choice. Here your prospects can learn more about your company and perhaps make a purchase, get more contact information or enquire about your services, another reason why getting your Google My Business right is so critical. If you want to be hyper-specific with measuring the impact of your listing, I’d recommend putting a UTM tracking code on this link so that you can see the exact amount of people coming to your website via Google My Business, and what sort of engagement they have with the landing page.
  • Request Directions To Your Business Location – This here will take you to the maps listing, where the prospect can request directions so that they can visit your showroom, restaurant, store etc. be wary about these numbers though as often they can be skewed by your employees trying to make their way back to work. 
  • Call Your Business – Obviously, this is important to any business out there. This button as one would imagine, allows you to call up and book an appointment, a table, ask about stock or just enquire with a few questions about a product or service. 

Each of these actions is an indicator of how your business is going, so it is essential that your listing is visible and optimised for most success.With all these actions in mind, it is evident that Google My Business can be a real make or break for your business growth.

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What Is The Marketing Kit?

The Google My Business Marketing Kit is a selection of customisable templates to promote your business. This includes stickers, poster, social posts and more.

You can find the Google Marketing Kit here:

Each template is highly customisable with pre-set backgrounds, fonts, messages and templates ready for you to roll out both online and in your store/office/clinic etc. 

Using The Marketing Kit Online

So, how do you use the marketing kit online? Well luckily, the marketing kit provides ready made posts for social media, to share with your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a direct link to add as a post on your Google My Business listing.

One such example is pooling common reviews ready for a post:


They also do similar with essential business information, such as opening hours, location and overall star rating:

There are 5 main design options for these posts, ‘Seasonal’, ‘Art’, ‘Google’, ‘Sign Script’ and  ‘Chalkboard’. Here is an example, using ‘sign script’.

You can see here how they can be customised in different styles and different designs, giving you easy, ready-made content to post on social media, build your audience and drive traffic to your website.

Using The Marketing Kit For Instore Purposes

The above social posts can be used in-store as well, print out the review ones and frame them, put them on a wall, to encourage more Google reviews which we know are INVALUABLE.

Who doesn’t love window stickers? You can pimp out your office with these, they will serve as a reminder for your customers to ensure that they keep reviewing you, keeping you front of mind for loyalty business, helping your online presence for word of mouth marketing and more. This is also helpful for you so that the foot traffic that passes by your office/store build curiosity and interest, keeping your business front of mind for them when they are ready to buy your product or engage in your services.

It is definitely worthwhile to be looking into utilising this tool effectively as it takes a lot of the pain out of building your social media strategy, creating content and building a strong base of reviews for customers who are easily swayed. Additionally enabling your business to become more visible and trusted online.

If you want to learn more about the power of Google My Business, but are unsure about how to set it up for maximum success, check out the eBook below.

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