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For those of you whose interest has been piqued on marketing their businesses online, you may have heard about content marketing already. You’ve seen it written on a few websites or have listened to someone mention it in passing.

Yet what does content marketing in Melbourne really mean and what can it do for your company? Is there a difference from the approaches you’re doing right now in selling your products and service?




What is Content Marketing?

In its simplest form, we can define content marketing as a strategic method in making and publishing content over the web that engages certain people and convinces them to take certain actions.

The content that is used can vary, and it includes (but are not limited to) blogs, emails, ebooks, webinars, videos, white papers and landing pages. Such assets are capable of building up the value of your brand and developing loyalty among your target audience. The goal here is that once you’ve reached the point of asking them to perform an action, the likelihood of them reciprocating is high.


Why is Content Crucial?

In the world of online marketing, people use content to communicate with their prospects and do so effectively. This is because content is the one that separates a brand and magnifies its unique value to readers. Meanwhile, engaging content is capable of generating higher search and social traffic, compelling many people to share them through various communication outlets.

A lot of brands utilise content to enhance the value of their product or service in its current state and for the future. This is one of the reasons why regular content is needed to consistently communicate this message. With the help of quality content, they can bring in more potential consumers while increasing the credibility and visibility of their brand. Yet this isn’t the only goal when you aim to produce good content. You also want to make your customers loyal to your company by improving their lifetime value, retaining their patronage as much as possible.


What Mediums Can Be Used for Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an amazing way to tell others your story and how this story is portrayed is totally up to you and your audience. There are various mediums that can be used for your content marketing Melbourne campaigns. Some of the most common include:


Blogs play a major role in numerous content marketing Melbourne strategies. As its importance grew, blogging also scaled with it and has become one of the main methods for brands to send their message across to the right market. Well-made articles can truly educate readers, generate loyalty and quicken sales cycles by giving your target markets constant and relevant information they can use.

There are also several SEO benefits when you blog. Each blog post you publish increases the number of pages a website has which are then scanned by search engines. Research has shown that the more pages a site has, the more chances they have on getting leads. Combining high-quality content and the right keywords can further attract more traffic to a website.


Email Marketing

Proper email marketing tactics have proven to give businesses a higher turn on investment. No wonder more than 90% of B2B marketers have been using it to distribute their content.

One of the main reasons for an email marketing campaign is to educate readers and eventually nurture or convert them into satisfied customers. In fact, this is a critical aspect that digital marketers need to focus on at every step of their sales funnel.

Additionally, one can improve the engagement they receive from their email marketing campaigns by combining these with marketing automation tools.


Landing Pages

These are standalone web pages that are made to promote new offers and persuade people to take action immediately. Actions that can be applied here include signing up for free trials, registering for an ebook download and more.

Effective landing pages are made up of compelling headlines, explanatory videos, lead capture forms and a powerful call to action at the end for conversion. No matter what industry you’re in right now, landing pages can be used together with your content marketing strategies for the best results.


How Long Does It Take to See Content Marketing Results?

The quick answer: there’s no magic formula that can be used to predict the exact time content marketing will bring about its results. Marketers that tell you otherwise are not being realistic.

With that said, there are still benchmarks that can help us set our expectations straight. Although results will vary, you should at least start seeing some form of measurement within the first six months after applying content marketing efforts.


The First Six Months is for On-Site Content

On-site content marketing results will start to show up around this time. Assets that are involved here include blogs, e-books and other website content. These are the types of content that can bring in and engage both visitors and search crawlers.


The Next Six Months is for Off-Site Content

Off-site content is the effort that’s made on websites that you don’t own. Content pieces that are published here are intended to generate awareness to promote your website and lead people to it. And although the results of such campaigns are not as predictable as on-site, they are often observed once the six-month mark has passed.

It’s possible to experience traffic spikes at the early stages of an off-site content marketing campaign and may continue to do so up to two years later. Good quality results can steadily increase traffic, search rankings, conversions, brand recognition and revenue.



Final Thought

Even if the results of content marketing are not as immediate, all of the good things that come with it can last longer than other approaches. Following a slow and steady mindset can give you substantial gains that will continue to work out for you in the years to come.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency in Melbourne that can help you with your content marketing needs, we at Be Media would be glad to lend our expertise. Contact us now to find out how!


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