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It is no longer a secret that social media has changed the way the advertising industry works. Besides being a more affordable alternative compared to traditional approaches, publishing ads over the Web are quite effective, and it gives marketers the opportunity to reach more people at once.

Advertising via Facebook is one aspect that continues to become popular year after year, allowing people to put their message out there for everyone to see. What’s even great is that there are millions of people active on Facebook so there’s a very good chance you can connect with the ideal consumers or clients.


What Makes Facebook Marketing Special?

FB Ads Are Very Effective

Back in 2004, nobody would have guessed that the social network Facebook is going to become what it is today – with billions of active users and a major part in the lives of many people. And this is a trend that won’t be going anywhere soon especially in the information era Facebook goes from strength to strength.

Right now Facebook is considered among the top channels for digital advertising. The facts speak for themselves with its advertising revenue growing steadily every year since the last decade. A recent survey also revealed that more than 70% of consumers in the US learn about new products while using Facebook.

These alone highlights one thing: marketing in this social channel is effective. You can also make it work for you by employing the proper foundational techniques. Our Melbourne Facebook  in creating amazing ads for Facebook advertising Melbourne.

As of 2018, more than 50% of the people in the world already have access to the Internet. This goes to show that there is a very high potential for Facebook ads to continue to grow into the future.

Easy to Set Up and Produces Quick Results


Compared to Google Ads Platform the Facebook Advertising platform is much quicker for setting up Ad campaigns. Every campaign will go into a “learning mode” where it needs to get a conversion before Facebook knows what placements and schedules work best for that ad type and its target audience.  When the platform knows your Ad and where it will be best consumed by the audience it is showing your Ad to it will start to convert more and more and turn into a successful campaign.  With the right product and strategies, you can get the statistics you’re looking for right away.

In-Depth Audience Targeting Means Bigger Reach


Millions of people use Facebook actively so reaching your prospective audience is possible when you have the targeting in place. The channel itself provides a lot of useful information that can help you pinpoint your audience based on what they like, their engagement online, where they check in and other aspects such as demographics.

A study in 2017 found out that 57% of consumers mentioned social media as a major influence in their shopping habits. Out of this statistic, 44% said that they used Facebook to shop online. With the numerous targeting and advertising options available on Facebook, it is indeed one of the best channels you can use for reaching your targeted demographic.

Campaigns on Facebook are Very Customisable


Ads on Facebook can be customised to give the advertising experience you’re looking for. Unlike other platforms, Facebook marketing can be designed to match your audience with a wide range of formats available to choose from. From videos to well-detailed canvas ads, your creativity can be put to good use when marketing on this social channel.

There are New Features Added Regularly


Facebook has always been big on improving their experience for users, so it’s no wonder they’re active in adding new features constantly. Advertisers are included in this deal, and this is a major reason why Facebook’s sustained growth continues to last this long. We find something new almost weekly now and it’s not slowing down.

Back in 2018, a lot of changes were made on the platform that had a significant, positive impact for marketers. With these regular flow of updates, we can only expect the social channel to continue improving their advertising network and make it even more powerful than it is now. Facebook is focusing on making the user experience amazing this means we will see more inline Ad flow and better engagement as a result.

What Can Facebook Advertising Do for My Business?


We believe that Facebook Ads are the easiest way to put your business in front of prospective customers. The depth of the platform allows for very detailed Ad targeting. This makes who will see your Ads very related to what you feed the Ad platform allowing for better visibility straight out of the gate. 

Facebook Ads help your business by allowing you to target the right people, using the right messaging at the right time. Anyone can set up an Ad but the real power of FB ads is in setting up the targeting and following up with campaign optimisations.

Our Melbourne Be Media team have been managing thousands of dollars on Facebook ad spend and have helped FB Advertising clients develop campaigns that have helped growth their businesses. Our ad specialists make use of various strategies to make ads that are effective and optimised to give the best results. It is also in our interest to split test ad variations to ensure that only the best performers use your Ad budget.

Why Choose Us?


Our Experience

As your Melbourne Facebook marketing team, we have the experience that you’re looking for to achieve your digital advertising goals. There are millions of dollars being wasted on published Facebook ads each year, and a major reason for this is the limited knowledge that people have when they set an ad campaign live. What you need is an Ad specialist that knows Facebook and audience targeting to give Ad campaigns the right foundation to scale and convert.


Our Ad Platform Insight

Creating strategies from limited data won’t help your business scale and grow to where you want it to. At Be Media, we make sure that all of your Facebook advertising campaigns are based on metrics that matter. We ensure that your ROI is monitored to match your strategic focus making sure to provide you with opportunities to improve performance and campaign growth.

Our Support

We have a very deep understanding of the Facebook platform and audiences, how they engage, what demographics respond best to video ads and so on. We want you to work with us to make your Facebook advertising campaign a success. When we get into very tricky technical problems we have a direct line to Facebook Ads support staff to help debug and troubleshoot platform issues. 

When it comes to Facebook Ads we can help you target the right people, with the right sales offer at the right time to make the online transaction between a seller and buyer work in your favour. If you want to know more, contact us today!

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