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Millions of web searches are being made via Google every second, and most of the pages for these results have Google ads. These advertisements are the ones that are being paid for by companies as a means to put their product and their services in the first place on a Google search. These types of drive relevant traffic to Adverts landing page and in most cases a lead or sale. This is an ideal advertising method especially since it targets people who are searching for the products or services you offer.


What is Google AdWords?

This is a pay-per-click (PPC) platform intended for advertising. Unlike the other PPC platforms such as that from Facebook, Google Ads platform provides advertisers with two methods in reaching people. The first is through the Google Search Network and the second is via the Google Display Network

Although these two have different functions, they make use of the same PPC bidding system wherein advertisers will have to bid in order to have their ads shown to relevant users. Our Melbourne Google Ads team has direct access to Google for testing new products and features.

The Google Search Networks lets you show your ads to people who are actively performing searches for keywords you’ve chosen. For instance, a person looking for a landscaping business may want to type in “landscaper in Australia” or “landscaping Australia” which are two keywords you’d likely want to bid on.

With the Google Display Network, things work out quite differently. Rather than show ads to people who are searching actively for a product or service, display ads will be placed on certain websites you believe your relevant users can be found.



Why Do Google Ads Appear?

The function of Google AdWords is built based on keywords where advertisers will select a certain number to target for their business offerings. These are the words that people will most likely input when searching. Advertisers then bid on these, with each one based on how much they’d be open to pay for a user who clicks on that ad.

This bid together with a quality score that is determined by Google will influence which ads appear on the search engine results page (SERP). Once the user clicks on the ad, the advertiser will be charged a certain amount based on the predetermined formula.


Benefits of Using Google AdWords

For those who are new to Google advertising, here are some of the benefits Google Ads Services gives you when running paid Ads.

Ad Campaigns Are Highly Scalable

Among the difficulties, businesses face today is searching for lead sources that scale. But with Google Ads, you can expect a highly scalable solution right off the bat. This is one of the reasons why advertising on Google is so popular and companies are spending a lot on Google advertising.

When starting a Google Ads campaign that is highly profitable, there’s no reason why you should cap the spending you put on the campaign. Rather, you’ll be able to increase the budget and expect the leads and profits to rise accordingly. We help you understand when this is the right move so you can grow your campaigns.


It is Easily Measurable

When compared to the traditional marketing methods such as with print and TV advertising, digital marketing can be measured easily. In fact, Google Ads PPC is among the most measurable channels in the online world.

What makes Google ads great is that they are transparent and are supported by many PPC metrics that let you see everything that works and those that don’t. This also makes it easy to see if your campaign is giving you the ROI you think it should.



Paying Only For What People Click – Pay Per Click

Brand awareness is often the goal when Businesses choose to focus on advertising, but there are also times when you want people to buy your product and services. Someone visiting your website can be far more valuable compared to a person who simply sees your ad and scrolls past it.

As the name pay-per-click suggests, you’ll only be paying for what ads people click on with this method. You don’t have to pay for the exposure your ad gets but only for actual visitors who come in and engage with it. This makes it a great approach especially for getting your product and services in front of people who are looking for what you are selling.  



Easy To Use Budget Management Dashboard

Businesses don’t have unlimited funds. When it comes to investing in a paid marketing method, you’ll need to monitor your budget and stay within limits. The good thing about Google AdWords in Melbourne is that it doesn’t require minimum spending. Even small companies who don’t have much can make use of it. Additionally, you can easily set your daily maximum budget when using the platform to ensure you won’t be going past the margin you’ve set. We use advanced scripts to help alert and notify when a specific budget percentage has been used.


Improve Campaigns Through Analytics 

Google AdWords offers amazing analytics that gives users an in-depth view of the things that work in a PPC campaign and those that do not. This makes it easy to continually make improvements to achieve the results you’re after over time. Speaking of time, a long-running campaign can also collect a lot of data which can be used for future pay per click ideas. 


How Do I Know If Google Ads Is Right For Me?

You shouldn’t jump into Google AdWords right away  because you know someone who has been successful with it. There are some things you need to think about first to see if this is the best approach for you.

Here are several things to ask yourself before you proceed any further:

1. Can your target audience be found online?
2. Is there a high volume for searches being made on keywords related to your business?
3. Are you finding relevant answers for keywords you think people will use for your brand?
4. Have you noticed your competitors using paid, online advertising channels?

If your answer is no to any of these or you feel that you’re unsure as to the right response, you most likely will need guidance from an expert in Google advertising.

At Be Media, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise to provide you with Google Ad platform specialist skills to deliver a paid search campaign that delivers results. Our Melbourne digital marketing team can help you if you need to know more. Let’s get your paid advertising campaigns started today, contact us to get a free consultation!


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