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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to understanding the world of SEO; we have a wealth of knowledge that our SEO consultants will demonstrate. Let’s explain it simply here first.


What is SEO?

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimisation, is the practice of improving the quality and quantity of a website’s traffic through organic search results.

Studies have shown that websites listed at the first page of search engines receive more than 90% of clicks, while those showing in higher in the results page also get more traffic than a site that doesn’t.


How Does SEO Work?

The search engines we have nowadays (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.) rank their search results based on the authority and relevance of the pages they have scanned and included in their web indexes. They do this so that they can provide their users with the best answers to their searches as much as possible.

Google alone makes use of more than 200 signals to score its results, and SEO Melbourne is capable of influencing and improving these signals through creative and technical actions. Most of the time, the ideal thing to focus on is to give these search engines the best answers for their users.

Therefore, search engine optimisation is the overall activity of ensuring a website is easily accessible. It gives an amazing user experience and provides people with what they’re looking for.


What is an SEO Company?

The main responsibility of an SEO company Melbourne is to provide businesses with search engine optimisation services to enhance their online visibility.

One of the primary advantages in choosing their expertise is that you’ll most likely receive specialised experience with regards to helping your company rank higher on search engines. SEO experts are knowledgeable and skilled in improving the flow of organic traffic to a website through various means.

An SEO company employs specialists in various fields of search engine optimisation. They can provide services such as website audits, SEO strategy development and the execution of SEO activities to achieve business goals.

The ideal SEO specialist at the agency will work by treating every client website as if it was their own. Every decision they make should be inclined to maximising their ROI while ensuring that all activities will give businesses the best outcomes and results.


Hiring an SEO Company in Melbourne

As a business owner, you want to know the benefits. Many of our clients, past and present alike, have seen significant increases in online visibility and in turn sales conversions from our organic search campaigns.  Listed below are just a few ways your business can grow with the help of our SEO Consultants:


Better Search Engine Rankings

The knowledge brought about by an experienced SEO firm can help ensure that your company gets a bigger slice in the search rankings in Google & Bing search engines. By utilising the latest strategies and tools, a results-driven SEO agency can make your website stand out and be attractive to search engines and search intent of users. Aside from increasing visibility, they can help you identify the best keywords for your audience while ensuring that your website’s architecture is optimised to the fullest.

An SEO company’s ability to direct changes to your site’s content and design can improve the opportunity to strategically improve the positions of your target keywords. This works extremely well for buyer keywords where the search query leads directly to a sale or lead booking. With the enhanced ranking from the new keywords, you can expect better changes in reaching relevant and new leads.


Get Measurable Results

Another benefit that can be obtained when hiring an SEO company is they could provide you with measurable results. Unlike other digital marketing methods, SEO offers statistics that can be easily tracked and analysed at every step during a campaign. Your chosen SEO provider will usually provide you with a monthly report on all active efforts, so you’ll know where your business stands in terms of optimisation progress.

Getting a detailed breakdown on all campaigns is a great way to know that you’re getting the value for your investment. A few of the analytics that you can expect from a top-notch SEO company include traffic sources, traffic volumes, search engine positions, and more.

Improved Quality in Website Traffic

A good indicator to check if the SEO specialist that you are working with knows your target audience is your website traffic. A good SEO agency should contribute to giving your website higher quality traffic. You can look at it this way: using keywords and phrases that align well with what you’re offering can bring in more relevant traffic to your site.

The more traffic that gets led to your site, the higher the chances of getting to convert those leads. The reason behind this is because those visitors coming in are more likely to have an interest in the products and services you offer.


Technical SEO Services in Melbourne

Having read what our SEO agency can do for you, it’s time to look at some of the more strategic advantages you get when working with Be Media.


SEO Business and Site Analysis

We believe in a strategic foundation at the beginning of an SEO campaign to help set it up for success. The key to SEO success is adaptability and knowing your analytics data. We also need to assess competition and the industry landscape and type of website that Google likes to show on top.

Your websites current status and health score are our starting points and then we begin the work. This can include examining its architecture along with the content. These are done as a mean to evaluate things such as the keyword density and the code of the website. Furthermore, this is one of the best approaches in determining the strengths and weaknesses of a website prior to the development of an SEO strategy.

Aside from analysing the site, your SEO company will also look into the business and industry you’re in. They’ll study your target audience and the overall objectives of your business before proceeding with a set plan.


SEO Strategy and Goal Development

After the accomplishment of an in-depth analysis, the development of an SEO strategy will be discussed. Coming up with key strategic points of the campaign and developing strategies that will expand your visibility online. Our experienced SEO team will assess and assign tasks  and opportunities learned from the site and industry analysis and then create a customised plan for your needs.


Setting Up the Tools for SEO

A variety of software and systems are available for use in a custom SEO approach we keep it all managed within a project management tracker. Prior to the beginning of campaign operations, your SEO strategist will first determine which tools are needed to implement all of them successfully. With all of the tools in place before you change your website, you’re making sure that every step you’re taking is being monitored accurately and nothing slips through the cracks.


The Process behind Our SEO Strategy 

1 Technical and Creative Technical Site Audit

We use our website auditing tools to crawl and health check your websites structure and address any issues that will hinder the campaign from performing.

2 Technical and Creative Audit Opportunity Analysis

We use our SERP & keyword scanning tools to provide a discovery of your competitive landscape and your audience targeting alongside your competitors. This is how we develop the strategy that will work best for your website.

3 Technical and Creative Implementation Strategy Execution

Our SEO strategy selected for your campaign depends on your goal and what we uncover in the technical analysis and competitive benchmarking. Here we implement the strategy adding content, optimising & editing the web pages and building backlinks to improve visibility.

4 KPI Performance and Target Review Reporting

We provide a review of our campaign goals, performance and progress updates so that you can see with your account manager what worked and what needs to be adjusted after field learning.



Execute SEO Protocols

Once everything’s in place, our SEO team will then begin implementing the best approach for your website. The initial stages often involve the use of on-page optimisation which can include checking if the site is mobile-friendly, keyword targeting and much more. We use competitive analysis to see where you are and where we can take you through the analysis of the target market and Google search results.


Ongoing Optimisation

SEO is a continuous process. Search engines are always checking that their algorithms are giving their customers the best experience possible and will make changes accordingly. Every update can mean the difference between being SEO-compliant and receiving penalties or being dropped off the search index. Our Melbourne SEO company is willing to provide ongoing services to make sure that your website stays highly visible for your audience on top of Google search.


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