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If people had only 10 minutes to look at content online, the majority would choose to see something easy to access, fast loading and attractive rather than slow loading and simple. The design of a website plays an important role in its digital marketing presence. That is why for business owners who want to have better websites than what they have now, the importance of web design must first be understood.

What is Web Design?

When we say we are a Melbourne web design agency, most people usually refer to it as the user experience part in website development compared to its software component. Web design used to be focused solely on desktop computer browsers, now we have mobile first browsing, Voice search, AR and VR and keeping everything loading fast.  

The role of our Melbourne web designers is to work on the layout, appearance and sometimes the content of the website they are assigned to. The appearance refers to things aspects such as the image pixels, colours and fonts that were used. Meanwhile, the layout of a website is how its information is categorised and structured. 

Factors that make up good web design means that a website is aesthetically pleasing to view, is easy to use and matches its target audience well. A lot of websites nowadays are being created simple yet functional, so as to minimise user distractions. Since the main goal of a web designer is to develop a website that encourages trust, taking away as many of these potential frustration is critical. 

You’ve probably heard of responsive and adaptive design by now. These two are the most popular methods in designing sites right now. With responsive design, the content on a website will change dynamically depending on the size of the screen used to browse it. In adaptive design, the content is fixed in sizes that easily match commonly used screens.



The Importance of Web Design

You might be asking yourself right now, “Do I need to have my website redesigned at this time?” If you think you don’t, here are a few reasons to think about.

  • Well built websites help establish trust and professionalism
  • Your competitors already have amazing websites
  • Your website can sell 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • By showcasing images of your people can relate to your business
  • Your website is your online portfolio of what your business can do
  • A well optimised website helps with other digital marketing strategies


Your Web Design Sets the First Impression

When people go to your site, it immediately gives them a first impression of your company. They will come up with a conclusion in the back of their minds in just seconds. This small window of opportunity is where you’d want your website to impact them in a positive way.

A website that turns out to be unappealing will surely leave a negative impression about your brand. Visitors won’t feel like browsing and can thus deter them from checking out what you have to offer. This then leads to missed opportunities as they will most likely go to your competitor’s website instead.

Our Melbourne web designers have been the cause of huge shifts in clients online sales because they had the vision to highlight specific parts of the website and make it easier to sell online. This insight from a professional designer has helped change the way that business was done by these companies with more of a shift in selling online because that was easier for their customers.

Work with web designers and developers that understand what your business goals are and what your digital marketing targets are to get results that help change your business.  


It Can Help You Build Trust

Potential customers can be turned off if a website is poorly designed and hard to find the things that they want. If your website right now doesn’t tell your brand’s story, doesn’t say what it is you do and why without reading you’re about us page then you have a problem.  Look into it, if it’s not clear and the navigation is a mess potential customers will just be visitors. As a bare minimum, you need to have consistency and brand alignment of colours and phrases.

On the other hand, a website that gives off a personal but still professional vibe can encourage trust among your visitors. People will more likely browse what you have to offer as they’d be more comfortable doing so seeing you as relatable people. Be Media’s web department helps you build a website people can relate to, looks amazing and is functional enough to serve the people what they want.


Your Competition is Already Doing It

The fact is your competitors are already thinking about standing out against you and the others in the market, they want the best website available they want it to be big bright.  Amazing web designs are available for everyone and the sad thing is you may not even know how outdated or off-topic your website really is, we understand competitive marketing and standing out online better than most.

When you sign on for a website design we ask you a series of questions around your USP and what competitors you have and why they are your competitors.  Web design goes far beyond the click to call buttons, website form submissions, and a pretty hero banner image. The website you need is the website design that speaks to your customers and to your audience and showcases your work, your brand and ultimately drives your website visitors towards a strategic goal of converting into a lead or sale.

Everyone in your industry category provides the same service, charges around the same fees and has the same service areas…almost the exact same. We don’t want you to settle for the same we want you to stand out head and shoulders above the rest by telling your story and having a website that tells the story and guides the visitors to your sales funnel and into customers. Web design doesn’t have to be rocket science the hard part is picking the right team photos.


It Optimises Your SEO Strategy

There are numerous elements and practices in web design that affect how content publishing is performed on a website. This, in turn, influences how search engines index and rank your domain.

This is truly one aspect you can’t afford to pass up on. The reason for this is because faulty on-page SEO fundamentals can lead to visibility penalties right from the start. Web design may be hard to grasp at first, but to make it simple to understand, you want your code to be SEO-friendly at the end of the day.

One of the best ways to ensure that your web design practices are up to snuff is by working with an expert web design company who can do this for you.


As you can see, the design of your website plays a critical role in the success of your digital marketing campaign and overall visibility online. If you wish to bring in more positive results for your brand, you need to start investing in a website redesign that’s right for you.

At Be Media, we have many years of experience building and designing websites from the ground up. Our team of experts can share with you their expertise and knowledge to make your campaigns succeed. We know that the average Melbourne web design agency may not be able to offer the full digital marketing service for when your website does go live but we have you covered with the website build and publish to move into digital marketing and growing your online business.

If you’re interested, speak to one of our digital specialists today!


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