When it comes to adopting digital technologies, the health services industry is often the one that has lagged the most compared to those in the retail, financial, and travel sectors.

But a significant change has happened in the past few years. There have been major steps taken in its field – especially with regards to the use of digital capabilities to accommodate and interact with their patients.


The Growth of Online Booking Systems

In the last three years, the online booking industry went through a considerable transformation. Millions of people worldwide have started using the Web to book reservations for travel activities, tours, and accommodations.

Thanks to the technological advancements we have, companies are beginning to focus more on automating the scheduling process to provide their customers with an excellent booking experience.

To have a deeper understanding of the growth of online booking systems, let’s take a look at some key trends in its industry.


The rise of mobile booking. There is a rapid increase in both smartphone users and the global market share on mobile devices nowadays. What this means is that mobile gadgets are becoming more and more indispensable in day-to-day lives, while mobile apps are now becoming a norm due to their convenience and ease of use.


Pricing has become predictable. Many online booking providers have started using predictive pricing, which allows their travellers to know when they can travel the cheapest. Businesses will find predictive pricing to be highly beneficial, especially since they can foresee when demand is going to rise and fall throughout the year.


Online chat. Travelers are becoming, even more, Internet savvy and are also interested in getting a quick response when they book. That is why many online booking providers are moving to online chat features so they can assist their customers when they are needed.


OTAs or Online Travel Agencies expansion. OTAs are also seeing big leaps in its sector. These companies are focused more on providing travel-related solutions, along with reliable reviews and local information.

The Stats of Online Booking Systems for Health Services

Booking and appointment scheduling platforms help both businesses and organisations not only in setting their schedules but also in promoting loyalty, enhancing efficiency, and increasing effectiveness. The use of mobile devices has also fuelled the need for these systems.

Here are several compilations of the most vital statistics concerning online booking systems today.


Metrics on Medical Appointment Scheduling

Healthcare providers are perhaps one of the top organisations today that can benefit the most with the use of schedule appointment systems. This is especially true since proper care is heavily reliant on the prompt fulfilment of medical needs. Although there are challenges along the way, many agencies have started employing these scheduling systems due to their flexibility and accessibility.

These organisations leverage the platforms to minimise no-shows and to make sure that their patients receive the timeliest service as much as possible. Let’s take a look at some relevant online booking statistics below.

  • According to NCBI, 91% of health services providers are using cloud-based systems
  • More than 50% of healthcare organisations use varying systems for patient reminders
  • Almost 80% of these providers claim that they used a patient portal to improve patient experience
  • A study from Kyruus.com states that 42% of patients prefer to book their appointments online
  • More than 50% of healthcare agencies today provide portals that allow for the scheduling of appointments and requests


User Metrics on Appointment Scheduling

Services that provide appointment scheduling capabilities are now standard among various sectors and individuals. These tools allow organisations to quickly set up meetings and offer their services. Both small and large companies benefit from it today.

  • com states that health and wellness services make up around 25% of online bookings
  • About 40% of bookings from spas and salons are appointments on the same day
  • Regular booking customers from spas and salons visit such establishments frequently
  • Women make up 65% of total appointments online while men make up the rest


Statistics on Appointment Scheduling for Millennials

There’s no doubt that the millennial generation is among the fastest-growing consumer segments today. These individuals, which are around the ages of 20 and 35, are predicted to dominate the future workforce. That is why this group of people deserve metrics of their own.

  • More than 50% of millennials claim that fitting medical appointments in their schedules are a huge challenge
  • Approximately 80% of millennials prefer to book appointments with financial advisors
  • 71% of millennials would book in-store appointments with store associates when convenient
  • 61% of millennials want their healthcare providers to respond quickly


Time and Money Saving Statistics from Online Booking

Online booking is made easier with the help of appointment scheduling software. These systems save up a lot of time and money for any business or organisation that leverages booking capabilities.

  • An estimated amount of $3.2 billion is seen as value savings thanks to online appointment scheduling
  • Health services save around 10 hours per week because of online scheduling
  • Advanced online bookings help save up approximately 61% of estimated airfare costs
  • About 75% of college student phone calls are reduced because of appointment scheduling online


How Does This Affect Your Business?

Online booking systems offer a wide range of practical applications, primarily benefitting those that require customers to perform bookings. Going digital has helped a lot of organisations improve their profile, acquire more clients, and get the word out about what they do. That is why it only makes sense that one should leverage these benefits.

Potential customers no longer have to make calls to learn about business availability – all they need is to visit a website to get what they need. And from this same portal, they can book and pay for their appointment in just a few clicks of the mouse.

For any business today, digital booking systems represent a significant way to offload work from staff dramatically while also enhancing the customer’s purchasing experience. People can easily place reservations via an online booking system and receive real-time details – minimising errors and other complications that can lead to negative experiences.

It’s quite clear that online booking systems can benefit businesses and organisations in various industries, especially those providing health services. The growing number of individuals who browse and book online is a significant reason why you should start leveraging this today. Digital booking is now safer, cheaper, and easier to do than ever before, and people are already expecting these capabilities when visiting a website.

So, with that being said, the real question is this: Why wouldn’t you want to use an online booking system?

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