Our Team of Digital Marketing Consultants – Be Media


Be Media was founded on providing successful online marketing services with transparent and reliable delivery. With a focus on developing long term partnerships with businesses, everything we have done reflects this commitment.

Our digital marketing consultants are ahead of the curve representing the best talent in the business with a fierce commitment to excellence.

Committed to delivering online success with measurable results. We’ve worked with some of Australia’s leading companies from ACTON Real Estate, Finbar, Solid Gold Diamonds, Volvo and more. Australia’s leading digital marketing agency has helped transform hundreds of marketing campaigns from average to successful.

Now is the time to turn your website into a powerful sales converting hub. Want help? See below the people that CAN help you get there.

Our digital services team is the best in field with a fierce commitment to measurable results and outstanding service.


Jordan Fogarty


Founder and entrepreneur that is dedicated to making Be Media and our clients industry leaders.


Micheal Teasdale

Director of Growth

I made you read this.

Scott Forrest

Head of Digital Services

Started in digital before Google. Accomplished vinophile, sailor & strategist.

Shane Pollard

Digital Services Team Leader

I eat pizza, I eat too much pizza but I still like pizza.

Shauna Jinks

Finance Manager

I'm amazing, just ask me 😉.

Bill Heppard

Senior Website Project Manager

Your friendly neighbourhood web(site) slinger!

Ben Hiller

Web Development Manager

Anti-nerd, kitesurfing and adventure seeking aficionado, creating brilliance!

Sukh Kaur

SEO Project Manager

Optimistically optimised for photography, travel, food, coffee & copy.

Scott Pattrick

Sales Training Manager

Are you where you want to be?

Jessica Hallion

Digital Marketing Consultant

Just keep swimming.

Chris Chiari

Digital Marketing Consultant

The more you seek the uncomfortable, the more you will become comfortable.


Anna Randrup

Client Success Manager

Kim Beciri

Outbound Marketing Manager

Passionate Marketing Expert, dedicated to growing your business brand in the community & digital arena.

Will Bal

Client Success Manager

Digital marketing expert by day, deep sea diver & craft beer enthusiast by night.

Jodie Taylor

Client Success Manager

Working towards the dream: champagne for breakfast & a luxury island resort.

Ricci-Lee Smith

Client Success Manager

People don't think it be like it be, but it do.

Sam Cochrane

Digital Marketing Specialist

I'm no good at writing these. Someone do it for me. Actually, just use this.

Victoria Jobling

Digital Marketing Specialist

I'm used to working with an 80 character limit so this works for my bio #AdWords

Emma Passau

Digital Marketing Specialist

Resident Baker. If you can get me Ed Sheeran tickets I will make you cupcakes.

Andrea Brown

Digital Marketing Specialist

Professional green smoothie and ocean enthusiast.

Jacqueline Hayes

Digital Marketing Specialist

Work hard and be nice to people. But first, coffee.

Kate O’Hara

Digital Marketing Specialist

Serving up the banter daily to the Be Media office.

Shaun Leabeter

Outbound Marketing Consultant

Live the life you LOVE live.


Peter Goode

Outbound Marketing Consultant

Life is a beautiful roller coaster of smiles and frowns and ups and downs.

“Be Media has provided us with such a great level of service and campaign success since we started working with them, they are a great support in helping us take our business to the next level and in navigating the digital age.”

Brooke Greene – Director Solid Gold Diamonds

Having tripled our agency growth, we know what works and how to manage an ever expanding business.  We thrive on success!

We want to make a difference, online marketing is fast paced and requires an agile approach to being ahead of the curve. Our decisions impact your business, and we need you to have that faith in what we do in order to just do it!

We are your dedicated team of online marketers, proactive in identifying opportunities and helping you scale your business. We bank on our data driven decisions to provide measurable results.

Would you like to work with a transparent and result delivering marketing agency for you next campaign?