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Can my business copy the strategies listed above?

Your business is your business and if you want to just copy and paste what someone did you won’t beat them or outgrow them. The world wide web is busy and it’s hard to stand out now with people having less attention span and so many copycats doing just that copying people. 

In reality, you could take parts of the successes mentioned above and implement them in your business but your business is NOT the business that the strategy was crafted for and you might not have the same success. Each campaign had competitive research, keyword selection matching the client’s goals and a targeting strategy that made use of the businesses unique selling position to attract and convert the visitors into customers.

When can you expect to see results?

Each marketing campaign will have different levers it pulls to get results, we explain how each channel benefits your business below.

Paid Advertising:

We are a premier Google Ads platform partner meaning we take pay per click advertising seriously and we get results. Our conversion focused ad targeting allows your paid Google ads to land people on optimised landing pages where the opportunity of a lead or sale is much higher than normal web pages. Your ads say the right messaging to attract the right people. This marketing service gets results faster than SEO but the moment you stop paying for ads the leads and sales stop coming in. The fastest way to grow your business is by using Google Ads.

Paid Social Ads:

We find running paid social media advertising like Facebook Ads or Pinterest Advertising has very high results in goal conversions and comes at a slightly cheaper cost per click for your ad spend. This social marketing strategy is best used when you want to define who your customer really is thanks to Facebooks very in-depth audience targeting features. 


We love to grow your business with search engine optimisation & local SEO techniques that help you attain long term improvement and increase your website and brands visibility online. This does take a little bit of time to get your main keywords on the first page of Google but when the results start showing from your SEO campaign the momentum can change a business’s website leads in a matter of time.

Whatever the service you want to partner with Be Media to grow your business we have the online marketing strategy for you. We have digital specialists in Perth WA, Melbourne VIC, and Sydney NSW ready to take your call and set your business on the path to online growth. Partner with Australia’s fastest growing digital marketing companies.

Why is SEO so mysterious?

The correct way to scope any SEO project is to ask a LOT of questions about the business, competition and what has been tried before. 

Why? because there are so many variables and the sheer volume of Google algorithm changes make any target KPI a moving target on a platform that no one person controls.

The SEO service has a bad wrap because people who attempt to deliver this type of service either do not understand Google or do not do the work themselves and therefore can not know what is really involved. We do a LOT! and we get results.

Have a question about search engine optimisation? just ask us contact us for more about this service.

How does a digital strategy benefit me?

It sounds a little fancy and it really is the alignment of your business knowledge and processes and our setup, targeting and delivery of the digital marketing services. We have found out the hard way that sometimes we can send all the leads in the country to a phone number or email address but the process on the other end is not set up to handle online lead inquiries.

This is where we can clearly structure the strategy that takes place from our advertising to your lead handling process making for a very systematic handling of leads into sales and conversions.

How many leads and sales can I expect from online marketing?

There is no universal answer to this question. If you get a template answer from your marketing agency you should ask to see the maths behind that answer.

We work with a lot of different client industries we see trends patterns and correlation data that helps us work out a baseline figure but we will need to scope the requirements on your end.

What IF you have an unlimited budget 

What IF you have a limited budget 

What IF you want to target some very expensive CPC keywords

What IF you are bundling SEO and Google Ads for faster growth

What IF you are only be using SEO as your marketing strategy

There are a lot of IF’s and there needs to be some preliminary research before we can give you anything solid enough to base any marketing strategies around. If you have worked with a marketing agency before you can appreciate the educated guess over the gut feeling.

Our keyword research and competitive analysis of your online marketing landscape allow us to prepare a digital growth strategy that will work for your business. Empirical data drives our decisions to use varying techniques and marketing strategies. 

If you still have questions you can call us and speak to one of our digital marketing specialists.

Do I need to pay you for things like Google Ads?

This can be confusing and to help clear up how the paid advertising service works for Google, Bing, Facebook and Pinterest it works in 2 parts.

Part 1 Paying for Ad account management

We ask for a payment for our services that include creating ads, setting up campaigns and in some cases Ad accounts, monitoring of campaigns, optimising Ad groups and the overall management of the Ad account.

Part 2 Paying for Ads

The 2nd part of the payment is the actual Ad spend, you will need to pay per click or per the action selected for each Ad type. This is a fee that we prefer go directly to the platform like Google or Facebook and not paid to Be Media. You need to pay for this in order for your Ads to show and for any clicks on your ads that’s how it got the name Pay Per Click or PPC.

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