ACTON Real Estate Group


The Client:

Be Media has been a trusted partner of the ACTON group for nearly 5 years. Our role is to assist WA most respected real estate brand transition into the digital age and continue to dominate their market. With so many offices across the state, the company turned to Be Media to achieve the following:


  • Maintain brand consistency both online and offline
  • Increase website traffic and drive high-quality leads.
  • Engage and interact with the Perth market on social media.

Our Solution:

Answering these questions built the cornerstones of our campaign:

  • What are the different markets you want to engage and why?
  • Where do these different market segments consume online media?
  • How can we ensure we are providing engaging and valuable information?
  • What can we do next to make the Group’s digital presence even stronger?

Through this process, and close consultation with key stakeholders, Be Media created a comprehensive digital campaign encompassing many channels to both drive brand awareness and generate leads. Focusing on a targeted SEO strategy we were able to increase the online visibility of the brand. Google Adwords paid advertising campaigns were set to target geo-locations, the campaigns drove leads and made bookings for the client.



  • 400% increase in organic traffic
  • 51% of leads come from online channels
  • Targeting local buyers via strategic search and retargeting campaigns

We are thrilled to continue to develop this partnership of nearly 5 years and look forward to continuing our work with the 500+ strong team at ACTON.

“We needed a digital partner that could support ACTON not only move into the digital age, but dominate and continue to be a market leader in what we do. Be Media has been the partner that has supported us with this every step along the way.”

Travis Coleman

CEO of Acton Real Estate

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