As the Covid-19 virus continues to roll on, there are countless companies around the world who have been fearless in innovating ways to retain business through online methods. And yes this includes our clients, we pride ourselves on being there to strategise with and help deliver clients solutions in all times and especially times like these. Let’s take a look at what a handful of our fabulous clients have done to combat these trying times and set themselves up for continued success moving forward, along with some other companies nation wide. 

Case Study 1: Surge Fitness

Surge Fitness is a well renowned Gym and fitness franchise in Perth, Clarkson and Wanneroo. Obviously Gym’s have been hit quite hard by the Coronavirus and social distancing laws, which means that they obviously had to innovate.

Alongside the team at Surge, we have helped develop a new platform for them – Surge Fitness on Demand. Now why has Surge done this? Not only does it continue to generate them some cash flow (albeit discounted), it also provides important engagement with existing members and potential future members of their service.

This is important for both loyalty of current members and the potential referrals they can provide for other people to use this service. Additionally, searches for on-demand and online fitness classes will be at a near all-time high with people unable to get to the gym, participate in social sports etc. and this is a perfect opportunity for Surge Fitness to gain some of the market share and engage potential members to becoming members when the physical gyms reopen, if you’re a bit bored at home and are looking to get into shape, Surge Fitness on demand is surely one of the best options for you.  

Case Study 2: Myaree Ceramics

Myaree Ceramics has been a long-term client of ours and we have always loved working with the team, they are ceramic and tiling experts who provide top quality ceramic products for residential and commercial products. 

Quality and aesthetics for them, is everything. The main way they have previously demonstrated these defining factors is via their pristine showroom, along with the stunning imagery provide on their website and social media. 

However, with the current social distancing requirements, taking people on a tour of their showroom or going to visit a client became unrealistic, providing an opportunity for the team to innovate and provide online video consultations, allowing potential clients to book a time and date for their consult. This is going to be quite the trend moving forward, especially for real estate, home improvement and other home services.

Another clever initiative provided by the team at Myaree Ceramics is that they recognised having more people at home with time on the hands, means it’s the perfect time for DIY jobs around the home. Due to this trend, they are offering a 15% discount, as well as the products needed for DIY projects – Glue, grouts, tile cutters and trims. 

If you’re getting a little hands on with some DIY work while at home, why not get in touch with Myaree today!

Case Study 3: Clear Orthodontic Studio

As one of Perth’s leading Orthodontic Centre’s and 2nd largest Invisalign provider in Perth, the lovely team at Clear Orthodontic Studio knew that they had to act ahead of the curve and came to us months ago with the concept of a ‘Free Online Smile Analysis’ along with an eBook as part of the lead generation strategy we devised with them. Already being ahead of most orthodontic clinics with their use of the revolutionary Dental Monitoring form of treatment, being tech savvy, is part of Clear Orthodontic Studio’s resume.

More recently, since actions started taking place due to Covid-19, we have been by the team’s side in helping transition the Free Smile Analysis into a system that books free telehealth assessments with their expert team, forming an important section of their lead generation and sales strategy. 

If you’re looking to straighten your teeth in this time – why not get in touch or book in your own assessment online.

Case Study 4: Fone Ezy

As one of WA’s leading technical support providers, particularly specialising in mobile phone repair, Fone Ezy has always had their digital innovations ready to go. 

However, as a brick and mortar business, relying on customers bringing in their damaged devices for repair, the social distancing laws have lead to Fone Ezy having to innovate. So what have they done?

Recognising the fear people have of currently leaving their homes, Fone Ezy has decided to offer a contactless pick-up and delivery service, allowing people to have their phones picked up and delivered without human contact and to be repaired. Recognising that people will be spending significantly more time on their devices while stuck at home, and with plenty of people working from home, flexible repair solutions are necessary, with the expert team at Fone Ezy on deck, they’ll now be able to support their customers very effectively and get them back online quickly. 

Case Study 5: Midland Cycles

Midland Cycles is one Perth’s top bicycle stores, with a range of BMX, Mountain Bikes, Hybrids and Road Bikes for sale, along with a great selection of bike riding accessories. 

Previously a primarily Brick and Mortar store, the team at Midland Cycles wisely saw the upcoming trend of increased digital usage and a decrease in foot traffic to brick and mortar stores, and approached us to take their newly built website and give it new wheels as an ecommerce store, allowing their customers to buy bikes and accessories online, without needing to leave the house or head to a store. If you’re starting a new fitness regime, it may be worth getting in touch and exploring the open roads on a new bike!

midland cycles


Case Study 6: The Shelter Double Bay

It’s not just our clients doing great things but businesses all around Australia and the world who are innovating in this time. Another great example we have seen is from The Shelter. The Shelter is a Sydney based health and wellness centre that ‘feels like a spa. Works like a gym.’ 

Ben and Chris from The Shelter set out to transform the fitness and wellness space around Australia. Offering hybrid classes, infrared saunas, an ice bath and even a ‘juicery’, so it’s fair to say the team has some ambitious plans. It’s a place where you can “Train, recover and replenish all under one roof”. They have classes carefully choreographed to be different each week to stimulate members, and have the only freshwater ice bath in Australia. With some big name members using their facilities, it’s fair to say that this is the origin of a classic Australian success story.

Obviously with new social distancing requirements, the physical centre has had to close down for the time being. But this hasn’t stopped them!

The Shelter went out and delivered spin bikes to some of their clients, and are now running online workouts every day as well as online meditations and more. Essentially their service hasn’t stopped and they are going above and beyond to serve their members at this time. It’s not difficult to imagine their members, including several sports stars staying loyal and continuing to use this service while in isolation. Ultimately, the secret to Shelter’s success is ensuring an experience that leaves the members feeling good, which they are still able to capture virtually. 

Case Study 7: Flick Pest Control

Flick Pest Control, as the name would suggest is typically a pest control company, meaning they already have a lot of equipment to not only drive termites and ants out of homes, but also to disinfect residential or commercial areas when they are finished using their chemicals.

Seeing an opportunity to innovate, Flick has temporarily pivoted to a virus disinfection service, provide disinfection cleaning to residential and commercial areas. This is very clever as fear of infection is very high and ensuring surfaces and areas are disinfected is critical. 

Kudos to the team at Flick for coming up with this pivot in such short time.

Case Study 8: 13 Cabs

13 Cabs has always been in the business of pick-up and delivery, however usually it’s with humans!

With much less adventures out of the house, and people having to keep their distance, this may have spelt disaster for people in the taxi industry. But, 13 Cabs were very clever with their innovation, providing a contacless parcel pick-up and delivery service. For people who are doing some online ordering, and not wanting to leave home, this makes 13 Cabs a great option for the pick-up and delivery of their stock.

Case Study 9: Fabulous Catering

The team at Fabulous Catering, is doing some fantastic work in innovating, but also providing an important community service.

With weddings, birthdays, corporate functions and generally all events being cancelled for the near future, one would have expected a catering company to face a lot of difficulty, in fact, most catering companies are. On average, Fabulous Catering would perform approximately 70-80 catering jobs per week, that is until recently, with thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of bookings being cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and only receiving 3 enquiries a week compared to the previous 50+. 

But… It’s not all doom and gloom, taking what Fabulous does best, they decided to launch a ready made range of frozen meals that be delivered to people. Even including an ‘isolation pack’ to ensure people in quarantine have some gourmet, tasty and nutritious food. This is helping keep cash flow ticking over, while also providing a solution for people isolating who do not wish to cook.

While there are many success stories with businesses all over the world innovating to move online, capture and engage their audiences, what could this look like for you? 

  • Offer online sessions, meetings or consultations – there are many free tools out there such as Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts & Zoom where you can link (join?) in as many people as necessary. 
  • Virtual tours or walk-through’s – providing your customers with videos of your products or virtual tours allows them to experience your offering without having to step foot in your door
  • Provide contactless delivery – offer pick-up and drop-off service (13 Cabs is doing this very well)
  • Offer free downloadable content – such as guides, how-to’s, things to consider etc
  • Take your menu online – with many local businesses affected, we have seen a huge uptake in online ordering with local delivery free to customers in the area
  • Take your local produce online – allow customers to order boxes, groceries and other fresh produce online with free delivery to your local areas 
  • Talk to your social audiences to find out exactly what they are looking for and get feedback to help you keep them engaged, happy & more importantly, buying from you
  • Create loyalty programs to all on your database, send out weekly or monthly newsletters with your specials, deals, important information & loyalty bonuses 
  • Offer online gift cards 

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