New year, new market. January is the perfect time to evaluate what worked in 2016! Use this knowledge to map out your 2017 marketing plan ready for another successful year.


Creating a content schedule is one of the most important things you will do when planning your 2017 marketing calendar. Plan content around key dates related to your industry and bring value to users in the new year with relevant, current content. Your website gains Google’s authority from quality content and as marketers have said for years, it’s all about quality not quantity. Promote your content on other online platforms and engage with other websites to recommend your articles to their audiences. This strategy will put you on the forefront of Google’s organic rankings.

Organic & paid search

Combining organic and paid search is a match made in heaven. Whilst you’re watching your organic presence grow, paid search such as Google AdWords and social platforms like Facebook and Instagram can drive traffic to your website at a flick of a switch, making sure you’re staying ahead of your competitors.

Online & offline marketing

Heighten your customer experience and differentiate your brand with an integrated online / offline strategy. Multichannel marketing in 2017 is pertinent to your brand getting heard above the crowd. Engaging in multichannel marketing correctly will create a harmonious experience for your customer. Outline your business goals and plan your digital marketing strategy alongside traditional to achieve them. For example, if you’re thinking of engaging in print advertising to raise brand awareness, you have now caught the eye of your prospective customer. Using similar messaging in your search engine ads will effortlessly guide your customer right through to your website.

Measure your success

Know where your budget is going in 2017. Make sure you’re measuring your online success with free tools such as Google Analytics. Google Analytics tracks before and after traffic comparisons, return on investment and user engagement, allowing you to make data driven decisions for your campaigns!

Don’t just set and forget your traditional ads in 2017. You can monitor the success of your traditional marketing campaigns online through Google Analytics too. This is done by monitoring traffic to your website and watching for spikes in traffic when traditional advertisements have been published.

Use those leads!

You’ve successfully driven leads online and offline. Make your leads count this year by monitoring enquiries that are being generated through your website. Jump on the leads while they’re still hot by effectively funneling the leads in-house.

Before it’s too late to say so, Be Media would like to wish you all a prosperous 2017!