Google Plus (or Google+) is an online social network owned and operated by the search giant Google. This social network has been the fourth time the company tried getting into social networking after its own Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect and Orkut platforms.

Google+ started back in June of 2011 with features that included the ability to upload photos and statuses, group relationships based on their types by labelling them in “Circles”, instant messaging for multiple individuals, video and text chats known as “Hangouts”, location tagging and being able to upload and edit images in private albums.

In the year that it began, Google+ had been able to have as much as 10 million users in the first two weeks and a month later arriving at the 25 million marks. The service reached as much as 40 million users by October 2011 with the biggest markets being in the USA and India. By the year 2013, there were approximately 540 million monthly users who are active in the Google+ social network and about 300 million of these participate in social network interactions.

However, the user engagement in Google+ was relatively low in comparison to its competition. Outlets have estimated its users to average just 3.3 minutes on the social network compared to the 7.5 hours spent by users on Facebook. The Google+ social platform was very ambitious but never really caught up with the hopes of its makers.

By this time, the hardships that Google+ is having is no longer a secret. There had been a time when the search giant Google wanted everyone to think that everything’s fine – especially in 2015 when they cited a 540 million active user figure – but things have changed now.

Recently, the company announced that their social network will be getting a new Android app, stating that this is the “culmination of a complete rewrite of many core features.” This actually brought back hopes for many people that Google had plans to put the platform elsewhere, but the other Google+ news was quite discouraging.

Google France has announced recently that it will be shutting down its official page for Google+, letting users know to follow them on Twitter or Facebook instead. There is nothing more telling than the idea of asking your users to follow pages from other social media channels other than your own.

Although this doesn’t exactly mean that Google+ will be shutting down right away, the latest news points that everything will end up there eventually. We all know that Google isn’t afraid to shut down anything and that’s a fact so we shouldn’t be shocked if they finally decide to go a different route with Google+ in the near future.

Google+ had not been a complete failure too despite its seeming downfall. The social network had been able to nurture many dedicated Android societies and was overall quite a nice place to check out every now and then. We’re hoping despite all these negative news lately that Google would be able to bring their social network to greener pastures in the coming years.

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