SEM Trends coming from our Perth office

Perth is different from other states and countries. Our unique population makeup means that we have to think differently when it comes to Search Engine Marketing.

In this article we will explore some of these challenges and provide insights into potential solutions you can use to ensure your business makes the most of the local market.

Googles AdWords: The King of Search Engine Marketing

Ninety-four percent of everything Australians search online is done through Google. Because of all this search traffic, Google’s advertising platform, AdWords, remains the king of search engine marketing – think of all those potential customers you could reach!

However, when a digital platform becomes so popular, businesses need to work a bit harder to get a slice of the pie. Let’s face it who wouldn’t want to take out that top ad spot on Google’s results page? This is where you need to get smart about how you use AdWords. No one will click on an ad if it’s not relevant.

Pay Per Click Trends in Perth differ to PPC trends in Sydney Heres How:

Things in Perth are a little bit different compared to Sydney and the greater nation of Australia. Take into account the nightlife, Sydney can party well into the night this means transport, food, restaurant bookings and hotel bookings are more of a requirement and the search volume for these over weekends is much higher than in Perth.

For starters, the demographic makeup of our suburbs is not always clearly defined. As suburbs have continued to sprawl out, people from all backgrounds have found themselves living next to one another. In Perth, it’s much harder to simply say that suburb X is mostly young couples and suburb Y is mainly retirees. Sydney has apartments and cohabitational living spaces in a larger number than Perth due to population size alone.

This needs to be considered when you are targeting your search engine marketing  campaigns. Thankfully Google’s AdWords platform lets you breakdown the nitty gritty.

In Perth, we are so spread out and don’t have many people living in a given area, especially as you start to move further from the CBD. This is something else that you need to consider when creating an SEM campaign.

For example, a florist doing business from Busselton will find it difficult to reach a meaningful number of people, compared to someone running the same business from from the CBD. To work around this type of issue, it is worth considering expanding both the geographic and demographic parameters of your target market to reach a greater number of potential customers. We notice a lot of businesses find that Wednesday is the busiest day of the week for calls to their business, why? this varies from business to business but it depends on many factors.

How we take advantage of this is that we know more people are looking for the business on Wednesday so we can allocate more PPC budget to the ad group that is targeting the service type that gets the volume of calls on a Wednesday. This is smart marketing and every Paid advertising account manager should know this, take trends and correlations and use that data to impact your advert targeting. This is online marketing 101, the extra budget allocated will allow for more of the searchers to find your businesses Google Ads and click through to your sales offers.

What Can A Digital Marketing Agency Offer

Despite these challenges, it is still possible to have great success with SEM campaigns that deliver a great ROI. The expertise of a dedicated digital marketing agency can be highly valuable to any business, we can help you create engaging, targeted campaigns that take your search engine marketing efforts to the next level.

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