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Around half of all web traffic today comes through mobile devices. The rise of tablets and smartphones means people are visiting websites on all sorts of devices and interacting in more ways than the traditional mouse-and-keyboard setup.

Building a responsive website to cater for all users is not just important, it’s essential. The biggest reason is the quantity of benefits responsive design has for the user visiting teh website. Taking advantage of buttons instead of hyperlinked pages makes it easy to use tap to navigate functions. The way the screen can tilt or flip also impacts how mobile users will interact with the website.

We really push the mobile experience to have the same feel as the desktop version of the website. We also do suggest hidding some elements on a mobile view of your website that are not 100% required. This allows the page to load faster and users to not have a cluttered view of your most important pages.

Another bonus from having a great website is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If you don’t already know, SEO is a range of techniques a digital marketer uses to gain page rankings in search engines like Google. Responsive web design is vital to incorporate in your marketing campaign as it can literally change user intuition on the site, therefore making it easier for the user to engage with the website by purchasing the product (if it is an ecommerce site) or enquiring.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design means building a website anybody can use. Whether on a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop the website is flexible – responsive – to the user’s behaviour based on screen size, platform, and orientation. This means showing the same content with a lighter interface for mobile devices, with faster load times and touch-screen menu functionality which allows users to browse through your site without always having to zoom in and fumble around.

Creating a well thought out plan first fixes a lot of future issues. The thought behind the website is one of the most OVERLOOKED areas of website design. We get it and we want to reinforce it as a key factor for success. Mapping out website structure and then incorporating the design elements is a great way to think about your next website development.

user experience in web design

SEO benefits of responsive design

Before the advent of different sized touch screen devices many websites would have separate desktop and mobile versions. This made search engine rankings difficult because traffic was coming from different devices.

Google likes responsive websites. Search engine algorithms are constantly “crawling” (checking) to make sure your content is accurate, links are working, and the user experience is a good one. Building a responsive website is great for SEO for these reasons:

Link building

Because clicked links translate to trust in the mind of a search engine algorithm, it is important to have all your web traffic directed to the same links.

Our philospohy is to keep most of your linked items your own. This means instead of linking to another website create or build the same thing that would normally link out to. This keeps users on YOUR website and the user experience a seamless page to page visit.

Decreased bounce rate

If people enter then immediately leave your website, search engines assume the content was not what the user was looking for so your site slips down in Google’s ranks.

There are a lot of ways to decrease bounce rate. We find that creating great headlines and relevant content to be one way. You also want to have AMAZING images and or video content in between walls of text.

A really BIG one is for Ecommerce website conversion and bounce rate having great mobile function is CRITICAL. Keeping the pages that were built to sell products clean is what makes the difference between a sale and a distracted window shopper.

ecommerce shopping audience

Single URL

Why create two sites (a desktop and mobile version) when you can have one responsive site? Not only is it cost effective to keep everything under one roof, it also reduces the risk of misinformation on one of the sites.

We highly recommend anyone using the old  out dated m.yourwebsitename.com version to look at migrating their website away from that setup. This outdated process causes more harm than good now with the way Google indexes and crawls websites.

Is your website responsive?

It should be! Be Media’s web developers are on a mission to make responsive websites the norm for every company. If you want your website to dominate search engines and drive traffic to your business, contact us to get started.

Google has made A LOT of changes this year  focused on the user. Having a fast loading, clean coded and highly functional website is the winning move.

If you need to update your current website or have a new idea that needs to be showcased online you can speak to web department for some ideas on bbuilding your new website.

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