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Marketing Automation

The technology that automates management of marketing processes together with multifunctional campaigns across various channels is what marketing automation is all about. It is capable of targeting customers with automated messages through web, email, text and social channels.

These messages are sent out automatically based on a set of instructions known as ‘workflows’. These workflows can be defined by templates, customised from scratch or added in halfway through the campaign to achieve more results.

Marketing automation is used by sales and marketing departments to enhance online marketing campaigns and sales activities to both maximise efficiency and improve revenue. When automation is applied effectively, employees will have more time to take on higher priority concerns while reducing human error.

Streamlined Marketing and Sales Processes

Basically, marketing automation utilises a set of tools that are designed to simplify and streamline time-consuming processes in the areas of marketing and sales. From the automation of the lead qualification to the creation of a hub for digital campaigns, the goal here is about making the business world easier to manage in a field that is growing too complex.

With marketing automation, you can prepare digital marketing strategies without the need to click “send” on every message, email, post or campaign you make. An ideal automation tool helps you identify who your audience is, what design is right for them and trigger actions automatically based on their behaviour or pre-defined schedules.

When your campaign starts going, you will be able to focus your efforts on other activities, then tweak and analyze your plan as the results begin to come in. Automated marketing strategies can save marketers a lot of time and resources, improving revenue and ROI while you do other things that grow your business.

How Will I Know If I Should Invest In Marketing Automation?

When you’ve started generating inbound marketing content that’s effective together with a steady flow of organic leads and you believe you’re ready to scale your efforts, perhaps it’s time to see what marketing automation can do for you. Consider the questions below when you’re in the crossroads of deciding whether marketing automation is right for your business.

  • Do you have a steady flow of qualified and new leads being generated regularly?
  • Does your sales team feel overwhelmed with the number of leads they handle?
  • Do you have a systematic content strategy prepared to match your buyer’s journey?
  • Are you monitoring your leads on all touch points and marketing channels, and not just email?
  • Is there a lead nurturing strategy you have prepared that you’re looking to scale?

All these are good questions to ask yourself to see whether or not marketing automation could be ideal for your company. The main thing to understand here is that marketing automation does not accomplish the marketing on your behalf, it helps scale all of your efforts depending on how successful they are.

What Marketing Automation Tools Do We Use?

At Be Media, we use two different marketing automation platforms which we match depending on the needs of our clients.

First is Ontraport. This platform allows users to visualise how the flow of customers’ move in and out of their various sales funnels. Basically, it’s a comprehensive marketing tool that allows users to manage a wide range of processes.

Many people use Ontraport as a marketing tool and we’re one of them. We use it to create emails as well as opt-in forms that drive people into your funnels. What makes the platform great is its visualisations which allows you to see the journeys your customers take when arriving at your company.

Active Campaign Platform


The second platform we use is ActiveCampaign, which combines a variety of aspects in small business marketing for ease of use. The tool allows users to easily develop amazing and engaging emails, leverage social media marketing, and learn more about contacts while applying marketing automation technology that was previously unavailable for small businesses. There are more than 100,000 users around the world that rely on ActiveCampaign in growing their companies.

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