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If you’ve been delving in the online advertising world lately, you may have heard of users who claim how programmatic ads have changed the way advertising works. Programmatic ad buying is the process in which software is used to buy digital advertising. Compared to how the traditional approach included requests for quotes, tenders, proposals and human interference, programmatic buying makes use of algorithms and machines to do all of these.

But the full automation of buying ads isn’t the sole focus here. In a traditional approach, you’d have to prepare ad tags and insertion orders manually, which can be more labour intensive and time-consuming. By using programmatic ads, people will have more time to focus on the improvement and optimisation of their ads.

There will always be a need to optimise and plan for online advertising, but using programmatic ads will mean fewer ad buyers. The advantage of using the software, however, is that those performing these tasks will be able to plan, optimise and target their advertising a lot better.

    How Powerful Are Programmatic Ads?


    You Save Money – When talking about marketing automation, most people would think that it’s an automated process made to save time so marketers won’t have to manually perform routine tasks that are tedious. But with programmatic ads, the automation itself helps save marketers money. It does this by utilizing an artificial intelligence component that is meant to optimise ad runs. This AI would actually study and learn which campaigns will give the marketers the best returns.

    It Uses Modern Features – Programmatic ads are designed for precision and accuracy, and not the old hit-or-miss campaign types. The latter approach was horrible and cost marketers a lot more money for their efforts. With programmatic ads, you can lean on an algorithm that will figure out where the money for your ads will be spent best. All that is needed is to feed its program the info regarding your campaign together with its key performance indicators.

      It Prevents Fraud – The artificial intelligence algorithm in programmatic ads are capable of detecting ad frauds and avoid them. It is possible to experience less fraud when you switch to this automated solution. However, you will still need to keep an eye out for bad folks who will always look for ways to get around these systems. You’ll still need to exercise due diligence to prevent this from happening to you.

      Big Data Cruncher – One of the best reasons to choose programmatic advertising is that it lets users chow down on big data. This is very important today, especially with micro-targeting opportunities. It’s quite impossible for human beings to go through countless data stored in a Big Data repository, but the good news is that programmatic solutions can do this. This means that you can run your campaign aggressively on a well-defined market segment because the automated system will take care of this for you.


      There simply is no escape for the future that comes with programmatic advertising today. If you’re considering this as an ideal solution for your marketing campaigns, Be Media can help you. Interested? Send us a message to learn how!

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