Sales Funnels equal growth

A sales funnel is a term in marketing that is mentioned when mapping out the customer’s journey when making any sort of purchase in a business. This model utilizes a funnel as its analogy since it uses a big number of potential customers which may start at the top of the sales process, yet only a fraction of this ends up making the purchase.

As prospects go through each stage in the sales funnel, the commitment towards the purchasing goal starts to get deeper. Many businesses, whether conventional or online, make use of this model to guide their marketing efforts in every portion of the sales funnel.

There are four basic stages in a sales funnel, these are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Decision
  4. Action

Why Do I Need a Sales Funnel?

Having your own sales funnel (or multiple sets of them) provides you with the opportunity to not always chase after that next sale. Being able to map out a sales funnel can help you become consistent with your lead generation while helping you measure the effectiveness of your sales offers.

Using a sales funnel helps you move visitors from point A to point B in your sales process, you can even upsell them and remarket to them after they have already made a purchase. 

Websites work alongside a sales funnel that can be on the website or sitting next to the website promoting your offers in a sales focused page without distraction.

A great sales funnel generates credibility and trust over time by providing prospects with amazing content value. And by gaining their trust, you are giving your potential buyers even more reasons to purchase from your company.

How Each Stage of a Sales Funnel Works

From the moment your prospect learns about your company, up until the time they buy something, various stages of the sales funnel are passed through. The journey is going to differ from one prospect to the other depending on their buying personas, the types of products and services sold and the niche of business.

Before you start developing your sales funnel, it is important to have a good vision of your business, a marketing strategy developed and then a definition of your target audience so you have something to work towards.

There may be more than four stages in a sales funnel, but these are the main ones you need to pay attention to:

Buyer Awareness –

This is the stage where the prospect finds out about your solution either as a product or service. They may also become more aware that they have a problem that needs to be solved and that there are ways to deal with these. At this stage, potential customers have arrived at your website for the first time, having learned it from an ad, search or a post that was shared via social media or on other traffic sources.

Audience Interest –

During this stage, the prospect is now interested in getting a solution that can fix their problems. They are also open to other ways that can achieve their goals. They go to Google to look for solutions. This is the time where your website can attract them using great content. This can also be the time they express their interest in the product or service you have offered. Furthermore, they could also follow you on social media or subscribe to your mailing list.

Purchase Decision –

This is the stage where the prospect has decided that the solutions you have give them an advantage to what they need. They are more attentive towards what your products or services are and could also have browsed the packages and options you have before making the decision. Sales offer through webinars, calls and other sales pages can benefit you a lot for this stage.

Take Action –

During this stage, the prospect is finalizing a deal with your business to become a full-fledged customer. They may be signing a contract or clicking that buy button. Money may be on its way towards your bank account. It’s important to note that there could be additional stages after this in a sales funnel. Your interaction with customers does not have to stop after a successful stage.

Your sales funnel should be simple to understand as a visitor landing on the page. When you complicate the sales journey you increase the chance of losing the sale. A key measurement of simplifying a sales funnel is the methodology of KISS. Keeping It Stupid Simple means we remove confusion and make it easy for visitors to navigate through the funnel pages.

We like to remove clutter and take a user from landing page to sales offer with supporting content to help them make an informed decision. The following steps are where people tend to trip up by making it over complicated, we strip it right back to 1 or 2 pages where we can offer relevant supporting sales opportunities and then a nice entry into your customer lifetime funnel where you can sell to these customers again and again. 

If this sounds like it will help your business you are in the right place, Be Media thrives on growing businesses and we know the art of selling online. If you want an agency that understands sales funnels you need to work with us. Get started today by calling us or clicking through to our discovery session page.

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