Wider Engagement
Having the ability to speak to people on different platforms about your message is powerful.

New Followers
Promoting content on different platforms allows you to craft a different message for that platform.

Drive Awareness
Each stage of the buyer journey is segmented for the different platforms. Be everywhere at once.

Feed Your Funnel
Using this content promotion strategy you will be feeding new leads into your sales funnel.

Why Content Amplification Works

The process of helping content reach a significantly bigger audience is what is called content amplification. One way to think about it is with the classic noise vs. signal metaphor that is usually intertwined with content marketing. The content that you put out is the signal and everything else on the web is noise. Putting it this way makes the idea of content amplification a lot clearer.

Keep in mind however that content amplification doesn’t rely on a single technique or strategy. Its practice covers numerous individual strategies, techniques and methods that are meant to amplify one’s content reach. This makes “content amplification” an umbrella term that can be used for several unique approaches.



Convert to Sale

Content is important in every stage of the buying cycle. Quality content engages the consumer at the beginning of the buying cycle fostering need recognition and their search for information. It allows you to position your brand as an authority on the subject and establishes trust. In the middle of the buying cycle, high quality content allows you to differentiate your offering as consumers evaluate alternatives.



Create Loyalty

Clearly establishing your business with consistent content is an effective way to establish a loyal customer following, and should be aimed at your target market. Effective content marketing will move your business forward when customers are researching and considering a potential purchase. Valuable, helpful content engages your audience and positions your business as the consumer’s best choice. Be sure to turn your satisfied customers into brand ambassadors with a successful content marketing strategy.




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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will a content strategy work for my business?

Yes. If people are considering purchasing your product or service they usually complete research and that includes reading, listening or downloading content that will help answer their questions and concerns, or even give them ideas for additional things they didn’t realise they also needed.

We know you understand your business and that you would trust you, but a potential customer that’s just started exploring your brand might need a bit more convincing. And while a lot of that can be done through trust signals on your website (e.g. badges) you can also establish yourself as an authority within your industry by having quality content across your product and service pages, as well as through a blog and other forms of content. 

From a digital marketing perspective with SEO, quality content that’s not only engaged with but also shared and linked back to provides trust signals to Google. It shows Google and other search engines that your website is a reliable and trustworthy source of information. 

Even if you think no one would want to read, watch or listen to content about your industry you might be surprised.

How does content marketing support my overall marketing?

Increased amounts of regular consistent content will not only increase your search engine ranking, but also your domain authority. Each new post will help keep your site relevant, an important factor when Google ranks your site in search results. Quality content will also serve to increase the authority, trust, and expertise of your site, further factors that will ultimately lead to higher search engine ranking.

Consumers are keen to share information they found useful on social media. Quality eye-catching and attention grabbing content can go a long way towards developing a trusting relationship with your audience.

How you measure content performance?

Through the use of advanced tracking and optimisation software we are able to increase the performance of each campaign on a consistent basis as we gather more audience data, conversion information and sales performance.

What are the different forms of content?

Articles: Researched and informative content on topics relevant to your audience from 500-2,000 words.

Blogs: A section on your website that can contain regular information on your industry, personal reflections and can include videos, links, infographics and checklists.

Guides: A factual and extensive resource focused on a highly researched topic or pain point.

eBooks: An informative resource that can be used for lead generation and marketing activities and to assist with current customers or clients pain points.

Checklists: These are a succinct way of adding value to your audience and can be downloadable on your site, shared on social media or used in email marketing campaigns.

Interviews: Responses to common questions and topics of interest for your audience that can assist your customers see things from another person’s perspective.

Podcasts: A great way to build a following for your brand and includes regular instalments that can be received by your subscribers automatically.

Video Series: Creating a video series for your audience is a highly engaging form of marketing and with the growing popularity of video will help you achieve cut through.

FAQs: A list of frequently asked questions on topics and areas of consideration for your customers. This can also assist with customer service and internal resource management.

Infographics: This is a great way to visually represent a topic in a friendly way and is a great visual resource on your website and to share on social media.

How do you develop a content promotion strategy?

The promotion of your content is a key component in a strong digital strategy. The approach and promotion of each type of content will be unique.

Facebook and Instagram: Leverage Facebook and Instagram to your advantage when marketing your business. The popular social media platforms provide you with several options for interacting with people.

Video amplification: Make your videos outstanding and attractive with the right solutions. Use the best amplification plans for making your videos dynamic and appealing to more people.

Native content: Native content aligns itself with the functionality of the platform the content appears on. This content is easier to notice as it moves in naturally within the platform.

 Influencer outreach: Get in touch with major influencers in your field. Use an outreach plan to contact people who can share the word on everything you have to offer.

PR Prospecting: Prospecting is about reaching clients who might not be aware of your company but could benefit from what you have to offer. The process entails showing off a unique proposition and making one’s wares attractive to other people.

Who will even engage with my content?

In order to deliver engaging and entertaining content that is relevant to your customer, you must first have a solid understanding of the audience you are targeting. By profiling these customers you will be able to create targeted and relevant content that will actually speak to them.

Depending on your industry and your business, you may have multiple different ‘customers’, each of which will have a different profile, meaning you will need to create content that specifically speaks to them, rather than being too general.

A great way to think about these different customers is to ask yourself some questions about your customers and write down a profile or persona for each of them that describes their lives and the way they act. 

Those on mobile may prefer shorter and sharper content, as mobile is often used on the go, whilst desktop may prefer more in-depth content, as they have more time to digest it. 


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