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Content Amplification Overview

The process of helping content reach a significantly bigger audience is what is called content amplification. One way to think about it is with the classic noise vs. signal metaphor that is usually intertwined with content marketing. The content that you put out is the signal and everything else on the web is noise. Putting it this way makes the idea of content amplification a lot clearer.

Keep in mind however that content amplification doesn’t rely on a single technique or strategy. Its practice covers numerous individual strategies, techniques and methods that are meant to amplify one’s content reach. This makes “content amplification” an umbrella term that can be used for several unique approaches.

Amplifying Content via Paid, Owned and Earned Media

So what are the ways you can get your content amplified today? What steps are going to be taken?

Let’s begin by distinguishing what paid, owned and earned media are since amplification has a lot of use in all of these three forms of marketing. However, the goal of all these efforts should aim to give the business better results which should be:

  • Increased traffic
  • Increased links
  • Increased shares
  • Increased engagement
  • Increased conversions
  • Increased leads
  • Increased sales

Amplification Through Paid Media

When we talk about paid media, this is any form of advertising in which users pay for directly such as with Facebook ads, retargeting or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

Content amplification through paid means can be in the form of:

  • Sponsored tweets
  • Promoted content in LinkedIn
  • Boosted Facebook posts
  • Ads on Instagram
  • AdWords PPC
  • Paid influencer marketing

Amplification Through Owned Media

Owned media are the media properties which your business controls directly, such as its blog, the social channels and the website in general. You decide how you want it to look, what you want your readers to see and the overall experience they get.

Amplification via the owned media model can come in the form of:

  • Email marketing
  • Free content syndication and guest posting
  • Constant sharing and publishing of company blog posts
  • Creating infographics around topics

Amplification Through Earned Media

Lastly, we’ve got earned media which is the free sharing, advertising and publicity that one receives.

Amplification through this form can come via:

  • Free influencer marketing
  • User-generated content
  • Press coverage from events in the industry

Since earned media can’t be directly controlled unlike owned and paid media, there’s a lot more nuance to consider. In fact, this approach relies on others to amplify content for you.

Do I Need Content Amplification?

An integral part of content marketing strategy, content amplification has been used by many businesses to get ahead of their competition. For both search engines and social media, the landscape for content has become too crowded already and the competition to gain attention is high. This is especially true with almost three million blogs being published on a daily basis. There’s too much noise out there and your signal is trying to compete with all of that.

Although you’re not exactly contending with all three million blog posts for your specific niche, there is still a huge volume of content that you have to deal with to get to your audience. This intense level of competition and the need to maintain publishing schedules are two good reasons why content amplification is a must nowadays, especially for businesses.

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