Email Marketing Builds Your Brand


Having the power to market products and services via email is a fast, cost-effective and flexible approach that can reach new customers or retain existing ones. This makes an excellent addition to your content marketing strategy. You can make personalised and targeted messages with email marketing and can help you develop meaningful relationships. Aside from that, it is also great for improving response rates to your more direct marketing efforts.

Let’s take a look at the main benefits that a business can get when they choose email marketing today.

Email Marketing Offers a Broader Reach

With more than a billion active users on Facebook and with more than 250 million people on Twitter, it is very easy to think that social media is the best way to reach people in todays age. Although these numbers are impressive, something that isn’t shared frequently is the statistics when it comes to email usage.

In 2013 alone, email accounts around the world were recorded to be almost 4 billion and in 2017, reaching almost 5. The web’s currency is through email and people who are online would most likely have an email address at the ready. That is why when it comes to connecting to a wider range of people, email provides a wider reach than anything else.

Email Marketing Will Deliver Your Message


Email Brings in Conversions

You are six times more likely to have someone click-through to your site via email compared to bringing them in via Twitter. This is because email subscribers have permitted you to send them messages, which isn’t actually the case in social media. According to a survey, there are far more people who purchase a product or service through email marketing compared to social media.

For marketers that are focused on growing their leads and bringing in conversions to their company, email marketing is the best tool that is far superior to other forms of communication today.

If you are interested in obtaining the services of an expert when it comes to email marketing, we at Be Media would be glad to help. Contact us now to learn more!

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