YouTube Advertising is a powerful way to captivate your audience.

YouTube videos are viewed over 5 million times per day! With this dominance, YouTube has evolved into the first (and sometimes only) channel people flick to for video content. Take the plunge into Video advertising by creating content for Youtube. Video ads attract and retain attention. Your customers are online to learn and engage with content, use video marketing to get your message across.

Be Shareable

The holy grail of advertising is when people use their own darn free will to share a video with their friends. In fact, visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared than text – that’s why it’s the fastest growing advertising medium.

Be Accurate

Google’s data runs YouTube’s engine room (and vice versa). An update has meant you can now target consumers based on their recent search histories. At Be Media, we know how to make the most of those advanced data tools to get the best results for your business. Your ad is made with care then deployed when the time is right.

Be Cost Effective

YouTube’s advanced targeting gives you exposure to relevant traffic, and more control over your ad spend, driving much more bang for your buck. Your ad will be placed in front of huge volumes of qualified traffic, meaning your video is built to constantly send warm leads straight to you.

Be Magnetic

Nothing shows off your business personality quite like a video. The phone book may be obsolete but you say ‘not happy Jan’ to anyone born in Australia before 1990 and they’ll smile. Yellow Pages proved you don’t need a big budget to inject personality into a big heavy phone book.

Take Advantage of Video Advertising

Advertising on YouTube can generate brand loyalty and in moment purchases. Specific targeting and mimicking viral content allows you to ride the coat tails of the most popular video content on the internet and get your video ads in front of hundreds and thousands of people.


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Before Be Media we tried to work with a number of other companies without the real level of results and service we needed – after over a year with Be Media we’ve had excellent results and I highly recommend them.

Chairman of Design & Construct
Tom Brownbill

I’ve been in business 12 years, I have tried so many companies… since engaging Be Media I have had not only more enquiries and conversions, but it’s been consistent… it’s been a godsend.

Owner of Marian Rubock Clinic
Marian Rubock

Be Media helped us exceed any historical figures in only 3 months since launch. Not only am I happy with the results but the team are also willing to go above and beyond which is a rare find in today’s marketplace.

Head of Digital
Michael McGrady


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