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Golden Case Study

BeMedia has delivered us really great service. We have been able to maximize our digital marketing budget to ensure we are using it in the most effective channels possibleBeMedia has delivered us really great service. Able to maximize our digital marketing budget to ensure we are using it in the most effective channels possible.


Increase in
Organic Search


Increase in
Conversion Rate


Increase in

Golden Case Study

BeMedia has delivered us really great service. We have been able to maximize our digital marketing budget to ensure we are using it in the most effective channels possibleBeMedia has delivered us really great service. Able to maximize our digital marketing budget to ensure we are using it in the most effective channels possible.


Increase in
Organic Search


Increase in
Conversion Rate


Increase in


Achieve business growth with us

We have search specialists working out of our Perth, Melbourne & Sydney offices to provide national coverage for all Be Media SEO clients. There is no lapse in local knowledge with our industry leading team of local search engine optimisation professionals.

Our SEO team has a high standard of development expected from them with continuous learning being a big focus. We want to deliver a superior service by knowing what t.


Drive Explosive Growth

Facebook is one of the fastest vehicles available to build and develop connection, trust and sales with your audience. Depending on your objectives, whether that be brand awareness, leads, sales, event promotion, content promotion and more there is a strategy to achieve results.

We have worked with both small and large businesses who have literally exploded their growth through a smart and strategic campaign on Facebook. We have also helped hundreds of eCommerce store owners make the most of Facebook advertising to promote and sell their products. Crafting the right sales offer with the right targeting is very powerful.

What’s Our Approach?

Expert Audience Targeting

We cut through any wasted investment, using our advanced targeting best practices ensuring audience match is optimal.

Advanced Tactics

We run thousands of Facebook advertising campaigns with millions in ad spend, so you can utilise our experience and proven tactics to excel.

Build Trust

Create value, build trust and develop loyal fans – Facebook is the number one tool to achieve this.

Leverage the Buyer Journey

Facebook ads should target people throughout each phase of the buyer journey. We help you identify and target the right people at the right time.

Target for Traction

To get traction with Facebook, you need a carefully and skillfully developed strategy that cuts through the noise and creates resonance with your target market. Through the advanced target available, you can target multiple markets with the right messaging, and continually learn and optimise the campaigns for ever increasing performance.

Close Sale after Sale

Through the development of a strong strategy, you can utilise the power of Facebook to support your buyers throughout their entire customer journey from awareness, through to engagement, purchase and ongoing loyalty.

This approach maximises every dollar invested, and ensures you achieve ongoing sales with your customers. We work with all clients to develop clear sales strategies and develop sales funnels to ensure this occurs. The Facebook Ad platform allows for very specific reporting on customer actions, this provides all the ammunition you need to power your social sales funnel.

Facebook Account Strategy

We didnt ever want to just be a generalist when it came to Facebook Ads, we wanted to be doing new things and making our campaigns different. This took some trial and error and now we have Facebook Ads that disrupt the endless newsfeed scroll.

The biggest problem we had to oversome when we went all in on Facebook Advertising was our agency competition. The run of the mill slap a emoji on it and publish the generic Ad copy types. We do a lot of competitive research, interets based targeting and behaviour based campaigns to generate leads and sales. The biggest breakthrough was communicating how we do things to our clients. This allowed our team of Facebook weapons to do what they do best and make creative Ads that engage with the consumer.

Be Media helps businesses take Facebook and leverage the power of the platform to advertise your message to your desired audience in the effort to build your business online. That’s what we do and we want to work with you if you want to grow your business using Facebook Ads.

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You’ll achieve your business goals thanks to our comprehensive services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Facebook Advertising right for my business?

With over 15 million active monthly users in Australia alone, it would be naive to believe that your customers are not online and using Facebook. If you’re looking to engage your customers and grow your business, Facebook should play a pivotal part in your marketing plan. According to studies, 96% of social media marketers believe Facebook is the most effective social media advertising platform.

Facebook Advertising allows businesses to get in front of customers at all stages of the customer journey, from people who aren’t even thinking about your product or service to potential customers that are actively searching and in the market to purchase.

How much do I have to spend to get results?

The other game changer? Measurability and flexibility. Advertising online provides us with more information on results than ever before and means we are able to be fluid and flexible with advertising based on what actually WORKS. Is your ad underperforming? Switch it off? Find out insights about your audience, the time they are online, what engages them and begin to tailor your campaigns to perform better than ever.

There is no one size fits all package that will suit every business and budgets can be different depending on your business goals, offers and industry.

Speak to our specialists today to develop a Facebook strategy for your business.

Why is Be Media Australia’s Leading Facebook Advertising agency?

If you’re looking for a Facebook advertising agency that knows what they’re talking about, you’ve come to the right place. At Be Media our team are dedicated to developing Facebook campaigns that are cutting edge and work towards your business goals.

Our team has spent time developing and honing their skills to be able to provide effective campaigns that we continue to test and optimise to ensure we provide the best ROI.

Can you help manage my Facebook chatbot?

Yes, we can help manage, build and program your Facebook page chatbot.

See how we can help with your chatbot marketing here.

How do you develop the right strategy on Facebook?

At Be Media, we understand the biggest factors that impact the performance of your campaigns, including how important it is to understand your customer base so that we can target the right people and develop ad copy that fits your brand and appeals to your customers.

Each Facebook advertising solution is different for each business – there are some campaigns that work better than others, and the key to working out what works best for you is to continually test and optimise campaigns. Sometimes it can be as simple as testing different types of ad copy to trialing whole new types of campaigns.

And the other thing? We also look at your sales funnel. We want to know how you’re getting leads and what’s happening on your website rather than just setting up a few ads and hoping for the best. By defining this we will be able to come up with a strategic approach to reaching your audience

There are a range of Facebook ad types that we can use to achieve our targets. We usually test the type of ad format to find the best performing ones before we increase budgets.

Do you optimise Facebook campaigns?

Yes and there are a lot of different ways that we optimise campaigns to improve performance, but the biggest thing is plenty of testing.

A/B testing is also known as split testing.

Test a single variable: In order to ensure accuracy it is important to only test one variable at a time.

Target audience: For example, does the ad perform better for women aged 18-24, or women aged 24-35. Or does it perform better for those living in Sydney or Perth.

Delivery Optimisations: Does your ad perform better when optimised for conversions, or link clicks?

Placements: Does the ad perform better for mobile or desktop placements.

Creative: Compare images, headlines, copy, and other creative elements.

Decide on your objective: Dependant on what your are looking to achieve, Facebook has a number of different business objectives that you are able to split test for.

Set Your Budget: Setting a solid final budget for the Ad campaign. 

Define Your Schedule: Facebook recommends 4-day tests for the most reliable results.

What Companies Like Yours Are Saying

Wonderful service and to date have delivered a very smooth experience with rebuilding our website.


Allgem Jewellers

We needed a digital partner that could support ACTON's digital transformation. We wanted to be the leader in the housing market and Be Media is certainly helping us get to that position and are with us every step of the way.



When I partnered with Be Media I got to work with people who already knew my industry and the terminology and the type of customer I wanted to attract. This really helped me accelerate my online marketing campaign success.


Loans 123

Great company, great people, great results. I highly recommend Be Media not just for SEO but for the full marketing setup. They really know what works.


Castle Security

We have found Be Media to surpass our expectations in regards to product delivery and customer service. We look forward to working with them in building our online presence and brand.


Safeguard Industries

Be Media helped me through the process of my website from start to finish with the utmost attention to detail. I am already receiving new leads and thank the wonderful team who put so much effort in.


Allen Air

Top company to partner with. We have worked with Be Media to handle our website design and online marketing needs and found them to be very effective. From sale to the ads going live very helpful. Highly recommended.


Fridays Jetskis

Be Media have been extremely valuable to our business growth opportunities. The team are true experts in all things digital. Our campaigns have really seen a rise in leads and sales to our commercial electrical business. The team has been amazing we can't thank Be Media enough.


Cablewise Electrical

We are so happy with all the online marketing support Be Media has given us. Special thank you to Alex. He has gone above and beyond to meet our digital marketing needs. HIGH FIVE.


Glen Forrest Family Dental

Being in an extremely competitive industry and trying to find that edge and technical understanding of online marketing is essential. After being with a few agencies who seem to promise and not deliver I was skeptical and disillusioned. The knowledge and very clear communication of how the delivery worked gave me confidence Be Media were the digital agency partner for me.


South Perth Locksmith

Working with Be Media has been a great exerience for our Balmain based dental practice. They are very attentive and certainly deliver the quality SEO service as promised.

-Dr Flora

Balmain Dentist

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