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Businesses That Are Serious About Growth Use Facebook Advertising 

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social network and keeps growing with no signs of stopping. For this reason alone, you should be advertising on Facebook. Your audience is using it, so you need to be there. Expanding to include Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger, the potential reach from Facebook advertising is not to be overlooked.

Reach Your Customers


Facebook in Australia holds a huge market share. 16 million Australians use Facebook, and compared to the rest of the world, use it at a higher rate – 75% users checking daily compared to 55% worldwide. Facebook advertising means you have a large audience to reach on a daily basis.

Precision Targeting


There are very advanced forms of audience and demographic targeting available in Facebook. We can decide who sees your ad based on age, gender, location, interest, education and many other forms. You can identify your current clientele and target their friends, as well as users with similar qualities. These are users who are most likely to purchase your products. This ability to target your ideal audience limits wasted ad spend and maximises your ROI.

Build Social Trust


One of the reasons Facebook is so dominant is that it opens up a line of communication with your customers like never before. If a product is working for them, they’ll be sure to let you know on the page. And you can talk to them about why. It works the same way with glowing reviews. And just knowing that instant feedback is available builds instant trust.

Lead Generations Ads


Page-post Engagement Ads


These are useful way to track your reach after you post, looking at aspects such as how people share your posts, and who likes them. With the ability to track how many users liked, shared, or commented, you can refine your advertising and capitalise on the ads that resonated with your audience.

Photo Ads


Video Ads


A video ad lets you tell an extended story with moving images, sound and other features that highlight your company. You can use a video ad to illustrate a product or service in action or to inform people about how something works. People love video content its one of the most engaging media types online.

Carousel Ads


Slideshow Ads


A slideshow ad is a small video which displays multiple images that spread out along a screen. The still images can be linked together to tell a story or to share the many things a business has to offer.

Be Media provides a comprehensive social strategy to help you increase your find, engage and retain your clients without the hassle.

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