Facebook & Messenger Chatbots 

Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) software capable of simulating a conversation or chat with users. It does this in natural language via messaging applications, mobile apps, websites or even through the telephone. Chatbot is short for chatterbot but also comes with a number of synonyms such as “bot”, “talkbot”, “IM bot”, “interactive agent”, and more.

The continuous advancement of technology has seen more businesses moving away from the traditional platforms to that of the more digital kind when transacting with customers. Convenience in using technology is being dChatone by the implementation of AI techniques through these platforms. Some examples of chatbot technology being used today include Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alex and messaging apps like Facebook messenger and WeChat.

Facebook Chatbots in Action

Chatbots are automated programs that can be used to interact with consumers just like a normal human being would while it costs almost nothing to engage with. They are capable of attending to customers at any time of the day and week while not being limited by physical location or time. That is why the implementation of chatbots have become quite appealing to many businesses that lack the manpower or resources to keep their staff working 24/7.

Types of Messenger Chatbots

Depending on the way a chatbot is programmed, they can normally be divided into two main groups: those that work based on pre-prepared commands or the simple ones and those that are more advanced or are smarter.

Simple chatbots follow a set of pre-written keywords that they are able to understand. Every one of these commands needs to be written by the developer separately by making use of regular expressions or other methods of string analysis. Users that ask a question without using a keyword in its database will cause it to not understand and will fail to respond.

On the other hand, smart chatbots depend on artificial intelligence when communicating with users. Instead of using preset answers, a smart chatbot responds with sufficient suggestions based on a topic. Aside from that, the words that are used by the customers are recorded by the bot for processing at a later date.

W hat Can Chatbots Do?

A growing number of companies and startups are already using these chatbot agents to help with their daily operations and communications. Chatbots can work on improving customer service as it is an ideal option for those that don’t want their customers to wait for an answer.

They can be used to streamline the online shopping process. It will only take a short time to let the chatbot know what you want and the bots will forward your information to the sales department for processing. You don’t need to repeat yourself several times as well as a chatbot can remember your preferences and will remember this information upon return.

When it comes to communication, you can expect a more personalised experience with chatbots. These interactive agents are capable of answering specific questions from visitors rather than providing them with a long list of data they have to sift through. The more attention received by a customer, the higher their desire to buy something in return.

Lastly, chatbots are great in automating repetitive tasks. Many customers ask the same questions over and over again which a real person can’t keep up if they’re assigned to customer service. For you to avoid writing the same answers each time, a chatbot can help in this regarding. Furthermore, it reduces the workload of your employee so they can focus on other things instead.

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