Facebook Business Manager is a great platform that lets marketers manage their ad accounts, Pages and their partners in a single place. It works like that one place where you can do all of your marketing and advertising activities on Facebook, offering multi-user access and additional resources you need. Here are the steps to get your Facebook advertising started using this platform.

Step 1: Set Up Your Facebook Business Manager Account

Whether you have a personal Facebook profile or page already, one of the first things that you need to get started is to create your own account. You can do so by going to business.Facebook.com and choose the option Create Account located at the top left corner of the screen. Provide all of the details needed and then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Add Your Business Page(s)

You can choose to create a new Facebook business page or add one that already exists in this step. It is also possible to request access to another page if you’re in charge of managing pages for other businesses. You can add your own Facebook page to the platform by clicking Add Page and then click Add Page again in the pop-up box.

Enter the name of your Facebook business page within the text box. This area should automatically complete itself, and you should click the appropriate page. If you have administrator access to the page that you wish to add, the request is going to be automatically approved.

Step 3: Add Your Own Facebook Ad Account

Adding a Facebook ad account is similar to adding a page in Facebook Business Manager. Keep in mind that it is only possible to add a single account at first and then you can continue doing so after you have spent some money on your first account.

Step 4: Assign Individuals to Help Manage

From the dashboard, select the gear icon (Business Settings) at the top of the page and click People and Assets. Choose People and then click Add to start assigning members to your team.

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Step 5: Link Your Instagram Account

It is also possible to connect an Instagram account to your Facebook Business Manager. You can do so by clicking the gear icon (Business Settings) and under People and Assets, select Instagram Accounts and click Add. Enter the login information and then click Next. You will then get a pop-up to confirm that your account has been successfully linked to your Facebook Business Manager.

For anything related to marketing, Facebook Business Manager is a great tool to create the advertisements for clients and keep track of statistics while making optimisations based on these metrics. Contact Be Media today to get learn how Facebook and Instagram marketing can help to grow your business.


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