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The process of bringing website visitors back to an online store or website who have not converted during their first visit is called retargeting. Facebook is an ideal platform to do this because the set up is easy and there’s a high chance that your visitors are among the billions of individuals actively using social media. This gives you an excellent opportunity to be where your potential customers are.

Before you should start applying the tips provided in this blog for retargeting, it is important that you have your own Facebook Ad account set up and available. Your Facebook Pixel should be installed and keeping track of website traffic together with other events on your website.

Advertise Where People Will Most Likely Make a Purchase


If people visit your website using their mobile devices but never buy from them, then it is best that you apply your retargeting ads only on desktop. You can find out which devices visitors are using by heading to Google Analytics and looking under Audience > Mobile > Overview. Keep an eye on the mobile conversion rate and the total revenue this statistic has made. You might want to consider turning off your mobile ads if desktop users are outperforming the mobile visitors significantly.

Grab Attention and Remind Visitors of Products They Were Interested In

A study reveals that people will most likely interact with something that they are familiar with compared to something that is completely new to them. This means that in a crowded place filled with unknown ads and other content, the attention of people can be caught a lot easily by things that they already recognise.

With that being said, showing products ads to visitors who were previously interested in them can give your online store a better chance of catching their attention once again. The dynamic retargeting ads offered by Facebook will show products that people have previously viewed, making them especially efficient and relevant to take advantage of.

Give Them a Good Reason to Come Back and Complete Their Purchase


Although giving discounts can be very effective, there are also other ways to make your shoppers return without having to cut down on prices. A good example is to provide things such as free shipping, providing a freebie or a product sample for each purchase. People like receiving things for free especially from a brand they like.

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