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Over six billion web searches are happening every day, and 65% of people click on Google ads when they’re keen to buy an item online. We manage your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or pay per click (PPC) campaigns, ensuring your customer won’t miss your ad at the exact moment they’re searching for your product.

We work on the Google Search Network to deliver your Ads direct in search and the and Google Display Network to deliver banner Ads and Ad retargeting for a more visual advertising experience. Pay per click advertising is very popular with successful brands that increase growth using search engine marketing.

The reason why its so effective is because PPC provides an instant stream of potential customers that are looking for search terms that you are targeting with your brand’s Ad copy. We recommend Google Ads for businesses that want to see fast results and have some budget allocated for the Ad spend required to run this type of pay per click advertising.

Ad Relevance


Today, online customers expect to find what they’re looking for, fast. This explains why Google ads account for 40% of content on the first search page. People also want relevant search results when they are looking for that emergency plumber so ad relevance plays a part in matching ads to search queries. A business with a good product or service – but which doesn’t utilise Google Ads platform – will likely get lost on the fourth or fifth page of a Google search. It’s time to stop missing out on potential sales; get on board with Google AdWords and qualified traffic will land on your sales pages.


Quick & Efficient


Utilising Google Ads, we’ll weave your specific brand messages through the results and to the top of the mountain from the get-go. Say you’re running an auto repair shop with a sale on brake pads; With SEM you simply hit ‘Go’, and when a user searches for brake pads, you’ll appear at the top of their page. This means focused leads from genuine customers from the very start of the sale – not two or three weeks in when it’s too late.

Targeted Ad Groups & Data Driven Ad Optimisation


With SEM, you control exactly who sees your ad – so it’s only in front of people in the relevant demographic, at the right place and the right time. To avoid reckless Ad spend, we optimise campaigns for conversions, not just clicks. You can also take advantage of behavioural retargeting across the Google ad network.

Google Ads do help drive leads and sales but not without implementing proper targeting and constructing the right ad message through combining strategic keywords and enticing calls to action. 

Advertising with Google Shopping Campaigns


One channel we really enjoy delivering for clients is Google Shopping product advertising through the Merchant Centre, providing your product ads direct in the search results allowing shoppers to purchase your product in a few clicks.

If you sell online then Google Shopping ad campaigns are the smartest decision you can make in ecommerce. Promoting your store products directly in search allows for a higher opportunity at selling to people looking for what it is you have to offer.

Sellers use a platform called the Merchant Centre to handle product feeds and campaign monitoring. Your store products will be organised into a feed that Google Merchant Centre can pull and read into its database for showcasing in organic search results.

Text Ads in the Search Results


The Search Network is the easiest way to start driving targeted visitors to your website and sales offers. Think of Google search Ads like turning on a tap and instead of water you get people interested in what you have to offer. Text search ads work really well and we run split tests to find winning ad copy to provide the best-qualified traffic from your ads to your sales pages.

Using Google’s Ad Network


When you advertising on the Google Display Network you use creative images or banners that will be the Ad. The banners and images are used across other websites to attract and draw people towards your sales offers and service promotion.

We test ad creatives to find the winning banner set that drives more leads to your sales pages instead of using a single image we like responsive HTML5 banner ad sets that capture the eye.

Advertising Campaigns that Follow People Online


We recommend website retargeting ad campaigns with every Google Ads service because it doubles your opportunity to bring someone back to your website and to convert into a sale. Taking a second chance and making it work has helped many businesses grow online.

Web retargeting allows you to target visitors that have been to your website once but did not convert at the time, retargeting puts you back in front of them for a second opportunity at getting them back to your websites sales pages and in front of your sales offers.

Ad Targeting For Higher Conversions


What good are paid advertising campaigns when your sales page just does not convert into sales. We have tested and tested hundreds of sales page elements to find consistently converting elements that get sales conversions, if you havent heard of CRO or conversion rate optimisation you might want to take notice. This could explode your ROI and kickstart your business growth.

Optimising sales pages for conversion is a fine art that takes hours of testing and analysing of data to find the winning formula.

Need More Information on Pay Per Click Ads?

If you are new to pay per click advertising below are some more information that will help you decide of Search Engine Marketing fits in with your business, if you are unsure if this will suit your business you can have a free strategy consultation with our digital specialists who will guide you through the process of who this works, what ad types work best for your business industry and what the expected budget forecast would look like so you have all the information you need to make an educated decision and partner with a Google Premier advertising partner.

How Do I Get Google Ads For my Business?


You will need to have a Google Ads account that will be where you will setup and manage the advertising account, ad and media spend and complete the optimisations. We strongly recommend NOT using the AdWords Express option and using the full Ads experience dashboard for greater control.

To get Google Ads you will need to sign up for an account and have a landing page URL where people will be sent to from your Ad. You will need to have a budget for advertising, this is NOT what you pay Be Media when we manage the ad account for you this budget is used solely for advertising. To explain this you are bidding on keywords, positioning of ads and banner ad placements of your ads and when you get ad clicks you get charged per click so it is a pay per click process that uses your advertising budget. The management of your Ad account and campaigns is the fee that you pay Be Media.

Drive Highly Relevant Brand Engagement For The Lowest Cost


Our experienced SEM/PPC teams bring to your Ad campaigns a solid understanding of the customer journey, search intent and split testing Ads for best performance.

Your paid advertising growth strategy is in safe hands working with Be Media’s PPC team. By managing search accounts with 1st-3rd party audience data, we like to focus on behavioral remarketing, and an understanding of how audience context affects the consumer journey, we consistently achieve goal-based results for our clients and business verticals.

When paid search is running alongside other channels like – display, social, CRO, or SEO – our teams work together to create a consistent, unified brand strategy so all strategic targets and promotional details are working together to achieve broader business success and optimal ROI.



Detailed Ad Account Structuring

✔️ Exact match budgeting approach

✔️ Phrase and broad prospecting-only campaigns

✔️ Adaptive query crafting for each industry category

✔️ Device specific optimisations

✔️ Focused Ad groupings that drive creative relevance


Consistent Engine Campaign Optimisation

✔️ Negative keyword mapping

✔️ Geo, time and season based optimisations

✔️ Account performance restructuring

✔️ Algorithimic bid-management

✔️ Creative and Ad extension testing/optimisations

✔️ Sign on for our other account optimisations

Do Google Ads Really Work? 


The answer to this is yes, but there are many elements that go into a winning Ad campaign, the Ads platform wont just make you an automated winning Ad campaign because you signed up for it. There is a lot of research that needs to go into any Ad campaign, then creative Ad copy and audience targeting of who will be shown these Ads. 

When the Advertising campaigns go live there is tracking and conversions to manage along with improvements that need to take place for a campaign to become successful. The Ad network is a learning platform, so when you launch a campaign Google needs some time to learn what the campaign is about and who is the best type of customer. Once the learning phase is complete the campaign can improve. This is the tip of the iceberg. The more you put in the more you get out.  

Can I Use Google Ads Without A Website?


The answer is Yes you can. However, we strongly recommend that you do have a website for your business where you can manage the leads and sales that come from your advertising campaigns. We can help you with that if you need a quote on a new website.

You will need to have one of two options in place before you can advertise to your sales offer. The first involves having a Google My Business listing that you can advertise on Google Maps and the second involves sending people through to your verified Facebook page. To get more details on how to do this you can speak to our digital specialists about your options by calling us here.

Do I Have to Pay Google for This Service?


Only if the user clicks on your ad, which will then direct them to the relevant sales page on your site. Google determines how much you pay for an ad according to two factors: Maximum Bid, and Quality Score – the latter covering click-through rates (CTR), keyword relevance (tying in with SEO), and the quality of the landing page.

Think of AdWords as a bidding system for keywords. Google will multiply your Maximum Bid on a keyword/keywords by the Quality Score to determine your ranking in the search results. Catering to budgets of all sizes, even a bid on the lower end can be money well spent if its Quality Score is high. AdWords also offers smart tools for measuring and tracking results. This means we can tailor your campaigns accordingly.

If you don’t know if Google Ads is for you speak to us about your business goals and we will help you to determine the best-paid advertising method online. Google Ads can help you to generate leads fast, working with an Adwords management agency helps you improve conversion rates, lower ad spend and to scale your winning PPC campaigns.

With our AdWords expertise, we’ll keep you ahead of your competitors.

We recommend Google Ads for businesses that want to see fast results and have some budget allocated for the Ad spend required to run this type of pay per click advertising.

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