Google Shopping

Previously known as Product Listing Ads, Google Shopping is a comparison shopping feed or shopping engine that allows people to search, view and compare products. The products are shown whenever a potential customer searches through Google for an item from users who sell online. These can show up on the primary results page or in the shopping tab.

There are two platforms that power Google Shopping: Google Merchant Centre and AdWords. The Merchant Centre is where the product feed can be found which then links AdWords to the product listings of a website. Google Shopping can boost engagement rates as it lets products be listed above Google search results and AdWords.

Product Feed

This is basically where information regarding your products is formatted by the system so that it is easily read and understood by Google. You don’t get to choose the keywords in your Product Listing Ads, but Google will crawl your feed and determine if the products are relevant for a specific search query.

Important Feed Elements

  • Product Title
  • Description
  • Product Category
  • Product Type
  • Image
  • Price
  • Brand
  • Tax
  • Shipping and Labels

Benefits of Google Shopping

Eye-Catching Advertising

The ads displayed on Google Shopping are very attractive and will show all of the details that a customer would want to know. It will display an image, description, price and any offer made by potential buyers. People can even see the review rating.

Compatible with Various Devices

As more than 80% of Australians own a smartphone and more than 40% shop online, Google Shopping will let sellers put their products up front to potential buyers wherever they may be and whatever device they are using. The ads are also compatible with many devices and are easy to view on the move. Often, people research using their mobile phone and buy on their desktop computer when they get home.

Attract Buyers

Google Shopping lets sellers attract buyers by giving discounts, special offers or display price drops. This is the perfect approach for sellers looking to get new customers.

magnet attracting people

Pay When Results are Achieved

Since Google Shopping is a platform for advertising products, you only pay whenever there are visits actually happening on your websites and bring in actual results. Google offers one of the cheapest when it comes to paid shopping engines, providing a less than average Cost Per Click than regular PPC campaigns.

Ease of Use

Google Shopping lets you sell your products online easily as everything about your product details are set to go. All that will be needed is an XML product feed from the e-commerce platform.

Google Shopping is the best comparison shopping engine for people looking to sell online. Besides having the most traffic, it is also known for giving back the most revenue to people.

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