There are more than 2 million searches being performed on Google for each second, with many of these search results pages including Google Search Ads. These ads are being paid by businesses who want a cost-effective way to drive qualified traffic to their websites and landing pages. This is a competitive space where people bid against each other so that their ad will show up more times using the keywords people search with.


The search ads work just like an auction system, which happens each time a person does a keyword search in Google. In order to win this auction and have your advertisement come up on relevant keywords, a user will have to optimise their bid amount and quality score. The higher the bid amount and score, the better the ad will be positioned. Here are some factors which affect the quality score overall:

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Relevance of keyword based on the ad group

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Relevance of the ad to the search inquiry

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Relevance of the ad to the directed landing page


Overall account performance

Historical CTR or click-through-rate of the ad and its group

If you’ve never tried using Google Ads before, you might be wondering right now if it is actually worth your while. Check out these reasons below why you should use Google Ads today.

Google Ads Scale Easily

Any marketer’s biggest challenge is when they have to find lead sources that offer scalability. With Google Ads, it is highly scalable and this is one of the reasons why some businesses today spend millions on it each year just to advertise on the platform.

Creating an ad campaign that proves to be profitable will give you reason enough to continue investing in ads here. Many organizations have increased their PPC budget only to see leads and their profits increasing accordingly. That is why Google Ads is a very effective tool for businesses that require a lot of leads but don’t have the time to get them manually.

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Google Ads Generate Results Quicker Than SEO

For startup companies and new websites, SEO can take a while for it to generate results no matter how much effort you put into it. One of the main reasons for this is because SEO competition is very fierce and search engines want websites to prove that it is worth visiting by climbing up the ranks slowly.

If you choose Google Ads, your business can have an excellent workaround for such a dilemma and can be very useful for startups. As you build up your SEO ranking, you can start investing in a Google Ads campaign to start getting views into your product or service. Its speed also lets users see which keywords work and how they can best approach their audience moving forward.

Google Ads Can Be Simpler and Easier Than SEO

Compared to SEO, Google Ads can be a lot easier to learn due to the fact that there is less data out there that can contradict it. SEO will require a person to know the technique of how it works, how to make it work and the deep knowledge of everything that surrounds it. Apart from that, there are also tools that you need to know to be truly effective.

A Google Ads campaign is pretty straightforward and there are a lot of guides online that can help you get started.

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Google Ads Can Have Formats That Are More Engaging

The search engine giant has released a lot of formats with regards to their ads in the past years such as in-video ads and product listings. Google is highly motivated in doing this because these ads are more engaging and thus get a higher click rate – which also means a lot more revenue in the long run. More clicks are also beneficial to advertisers because it will have a higher chance of drawing in relevant and potential leads to your ads.

Google Ads Work Well With Other Marketing Channels

Your other marketing efforts are reinforced if you decide to go with Google Ads today. The remarketing that Google Ads offer will let users keep an eye on their visitors using cookies while display ads will follow them all over the web. This will help put your brand at the top of mind for many people and the data that is gathered will make retargeting easier than ever.

Overall, Google Ads can be a very useful tool in helping young businesses get a grip on their target market as the develop their website’s SEO. Startups can truly benefit greatly from this cost-effective solution today.

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